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FALL 2022 Bridge Lessons

BRIDGE FOR BEGINNERS  September - October 2022

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This course at the bridge club assumes you have no card experience at all.
Come alone or with a partner– you will meet new people.
This six-week structured course provides instruction, plenty of playing time and lesson notes to take home.
Wednesday mornings 9:30 – 12 noon. Cost $90 for the six lessons.

Sept 21 Card play fundamentals. The best leads. Trump and NT contracts.
Sept 28 Making a plan to take all the tricks you can.
Oct 5 Opening bids and evaluating your hand.
Oct 12 Opening 1 No-trump and responder’s bid.
Oct 19 Opening in a major suit and responder’s bid.
Oct 26 Minor Suit Openings and responder’s bid; play with finesse.

For more information and to register contact Frank Mustoe at
Frank is an ACBL accredited teacher and a member of the American Bridge
Teachers’ Association.


Every Tuesday morning at 10am.

Masks and double vax required for this game.

Please bring your own refreshments.

Any questions, just email Maggie



Barrie Bridge Club News

You Can Play Your Hands Again!

Two User Manuals have been created to show you how to re-play your game hands!  They are located in the Blue Menu above, one for replaying REAL game hands and one for replaying VIRTUAL game hands.

At the end of every game (REAL or VIRTUAL), whose results have been uploaded to the Barrie Bridge CLUB Web Site, you have a number of REPLAY THE HAND AGAIN options:

  1. You can re-play any of your REAL game hands with full control over what card is played from each north/south/east/west hand.

You can experiment with different leads or playing strategies to see if you can get an extra trick or put your opponents down.

  1. For on-line VIRTUAL games you have three options.  You can replay the hand any way you choose as described in 1 above.

Or you you can replay the hand exactly, card for card, as you played it in your on-line game or any other pairs hands for that matter to learn from them.

Or, you can replay the hand exactly, card for card, as you (or others) played it in your on-line game, and then deviate at any time during the play and take a different line.

  1. You also have the option to download the game file (REAL or VIRTUAL) and import it to a different Bridge Computer Program that allows you to replay the hands.
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