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Barrie Bridge Club News

Breaking News:  The re-opening is re-opening on Friday

Yes, we are back inside for mask to mask bridge starting on Friday, September 25 at 1 pm.  Hurray!!!

This is because of terrific investigative work by Evelyn who tracked down enforcement agencies and received from them official clearance permitting our gathering.

Apparently, we do not fit the profile of the Ontario government’s target group – by somewhere between 50 and 60 years.

I am really pleased to be able to enjoy the banter and community that is mask to mask bridge.  Give it a try – we do have all the safety protocols and then some.

Cheers, John Montgomery

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Welcome to Barrie Bridge
Club News!

Something sad, some important upcoming events and a bonus!

First, I must relate some sad news.  We have lost another razor blade bridge player.  Derek Egan sent on a message that Edith Jacklin has passed away.  For those of us who remember her laser play and gracious manner, this is sad news.  We wish condolences and grace to her family and friends.

Now – after a decent pause – let’s get on the same page for some upcoming events.

  1. Club Executive Elections are fast approaching.  If you wish to enter the lists to join this happy band, please submit your name and the office you would vie for to me John Montgomery at 705 627 2443 by November 1, 2020.
  2. Now for everyone’s favourite – the annual general meeting.  We have no idea how to hold this thing.  But we must do something. Any constructive ideas would be gratefully received at the same phone number as above.

Last but not anywhere near the least is the bonus.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Joffre McCleary, we have gained a considerable windfall in a tax return from the CRA.  Now is not the time to declare amounts but in my world it is considerable.  It behoves us all to give Joffre our thanks and gratitude.  Starting right here – Thank you, Joffre!!!

Yes, we are dealing with the landlord on the lease and the repair to our HVAC.  Negotiations are going on but that’s all we can say right now.

There you have it.


Monty on behalf of your executive


Who Are These Masked Bidders!
Who Are These Masked Bidders!
BBO and ACBL Virtual Game Results

Click here for Barrie Bridge Club virtual game results:

BBO Results

ACBL Results


♠   ♣  SCHEDULED GAMES     ♣ 


Mask to Mask Bridge:

Monday and Friday at 1:00 pm at our club on Alliance Blvd, Unit 3

Online Virtual Club games:

Monday 1:10 pm 299er

Monday 1:30 pm Open

Tuesday 1:10 pm Open

Wednesday 7:10 pm Open

Thursday 1:10 pm Open

Friday 1:10 pm Open



705 721-9233

Latest News About Mask to Mask Bridge


September is here and away we go:

  • We will remain open for mask to mask bridge Mondays and Fridays at 1 pm until we are mandated by government to close.

You may wear either a mask or face shield or both at our games.

  • You can come without a partner and give it a chance.  There is not a guaranteed partner system working right now.
  • If you want to be on a list of “looking for a partner”, please email Evelyn at  She is compiling a phone list to assist players wanting to play mask to mask because it is great fun.
  • Without sounding too much like a PBS appeal, we are looking for money donations to help us with current and an unexpected expense.  The furnace serving the larger room is seriously broken.  We are approaching the landlords for help with this.  But any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you for supporting your club and being part of our community.

Cheers and above all, be safe.  Monty

Safety Protocols and Procedures

for Mask to Mask Bridge

In order to attempt this, here are the safety conditions and precautions that we have developed in conjunction with the Simcoe County Health Unit.

  • To enter and play, everyone must wear a face mask and/or face shield.  Gloves are not to be worn.
  • On entering, you will be administered a temperature gauge to see if you are safe or in flame.  It will be sanitized after every use.
  • Hand sanitizers – located widely in the club and at each table – to be used on entering the building, at each table and when exiting the washrooms.
  • All tables will have at least 6 feet separation according to the Health Unit plan.
  • Bridge Mates will be in baggies and only touched by North.  East West are to wipe down their chairs and table location upon leaving.
  • East and West will take their bidding boxes with them. They are theirs for the game.  Please wipe down as best you can after the final.
  • The lunchroom area and water cooler are closed and out of bounds.  If you wish to bring a beverage do so but no food whatsoever.  Please take whatever you bring with you on leaving.
  • The club will be thoroughly cleaned before the re-opening [it has already been cleaned but no point in going light].
  • You must register before the game either as a pair or as a foursome.  There will be no singles or standbys. 
  • There is no need to pre-register but it is better if you arrive with a partner.  We can not offer a guaranteed partner at this time.
  • Table fee is $7.00 in exact change [no money handling] and registration is a commitment to pay the $7.00 despite any emergency that might arise.

We know that this is a lot of must-dos but given the examples set by our southern neighbour, we can do no less.

If you have questions or comments, please call John Montgomery at 705-627-2443.



The Barrie Bridge Club is available for rent by either members of the club or visitors.

The current fees to rent are $175 for 4 hours (Length of time is negotiable).

Barrie Bridge Members can rent at a price of $100.  A deposit may be required to ensure clean-up afterwards. 

For additional information please contact Evelyn Carolyn-Elsey

at or at (705) 794-3556

In addition any Barrie Bridge Executive would be able to arrange to rent the club for you.

Guaranteed Partner Program

During our limited mask to mask re-opening, sadly, we can not provide a guaranteed partner.  If you wish to be on a list and receive that list of members looking for a partner for mask to mask bridge, please email .





Welcome from Barrie Bridge Association

The Barrie Bridge Association (BBA) would like to extend a warm welcome to all local and visiting duplicate bridge players to the Barrie area.  We meet at 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 3, Barrie, Ontario.

The BBC is an ACBL-sanctioned club that offers duplicate bridge games for a variety of skill levels. Please come out for an enjoyable afternoon or evening of bridge, and bring a friend!  Weather Gas Prices