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Maggie has produced a new Newsletter for Winter 2020.   Click here Winter 2020 Newslettera.pdf or see Newsletters menu item above.

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Welcome to Barrie Bridge
Grant From Loblaws

The Loblaws Companies Limited established a $500.00 grant program available to all employees who do volunteer work for a community group.  Rick Beaver who works at the Zehrs located at Cundles and Duckworth in Barrie, was eligible, applied and best of all, was awarded this grant.  It is going to the Barrie Bridge club that provides mental stimulation, pleasant competition and social interaction, mainly for seniors.  Way-to-go Rick and a huge way-to-go for the Loblaws Companies Limited.

Play Barrie Bridge Club Games on BBO


To see the results of all ACBL virtual club games click here

To see the BBO version of the results for only the most recent virtual games click here


Our weekly schedule is as follows:


Monday, 299er game at 1:10 pm

Monday, Open game at 1:30 pm

Tuesday, Open game at 1:10 pm

Wednesday, Open game at 7:10 pm

Thursday, Open game at 1:10 pm

Friday, Open game at 1:10 pm


NEW RULE.....if you want to play you must be registered AT LEAST 15 minutes before game time. The director will cut off entries when there are even table numbers 15 minutes before game time. If the table numbers are uneven the director will message the spares to register and fill in and then cut off table numbers. So....if we get this right, the director will then have 10 mins to set up the right number of boards and the right movement, etc. If we don’t do this, accidents are likely to happen. you bit, REGISTER EARLY  and SIGN UP TO BE A SPARE.  These are the two ways we can most help our directors. Do your part, please.

PLEASE do not phone the directors while they are setting up or running the game, it makes their job much more difficult. Send them a message on BBO by using their ID VacB134783.  If you have trouble finding the game CALL MAGGIE who is available most days to help if needed. If you get disconnected during the game, try to log in again. If this doesn’t work the director will see that you are not there and will be looking for a sub. We all know things happen. An email apology afterwards is fine, but NO PHONE CALLS DURING THE GAME it is too distracting for the director.

Remember, if you don’t have a partner, you may add your name to the partnership desk so that someone else can invite you. Or, if you don’t yet have a partner you can look to see if anyone is on the partnership desk waiting and if there is you can invite them.  If you put your name on there, please be available and logged in so that someone else can invite you and you will see the invite.

The ACBL site has quite a bit of information about playing on BBO. Here is a link to some video tutorials that might be useful for those of you new to BBO.




Dale MacKenzie, Frank Mustoe, and Marc Brenner have trained as an online directors and will be holding Barrie Bridge Club games online several times a

Here’s how to take part:

Go to

Click on the big red button PLAY BRIDGE NOW

At the log in screen either log in, or register if you haven’t yet. Make up a name and a password (write
these down just in case!)

You will need to put some money in your BBO account. Click on the top right BBO $ sign and use credit
card or paypal to put some money in your account. This will be in US funds, each game will cost $5 US.

To find our club game click on Virtual Clubs from the main page. Each club has its own number, ours is
VACB134783 Barrie BC

Games will be posted up to two hours before the start time. You may register for the game by clicking
on it then top left put in your partner’s name and click on invite to invite them too. You and partner
must both be online when you register, so that your partner sees and accepts the invitation. So, to be
helpful to the director please log in and register at least 20 mins before game time. There will also be a
space somewhere to put in your ACBL number.

Here is a tutorial that Sagamore bridge club made for their players, you might like to watch this.
For our games, at least to start with, I would suggest DONT bother with convention cards, which she
mentions in this tutorial, keep it simple until you know your way around.

Hope to see you at a game soon!

You don't need to be an ACBL member.  You can also be a visitor with no extra charge. 

However, if you have never played at the Barrie club before you will need to have your name added to the list.

We need to have at least six tables so please spread the word and have fun.

Message From the President

Thank you for your donations

Just like everyone else, we – the Barrie Bridge Club – are facing difficult times. Among those difficulties are financial issues. Your executive has been actively searching out various outside-the-club sources of financial relief. We have had one rent reduction and reductions in fees for insurance, website and telephone/internet. We are working on greater reductions. Just like everyone else. On a very positive note, as we all go through this valley – must go through it to get through it – your executive has been so pleased with the generosity of our members. We have asked and are still asking for members to consider donating the table fees they would likely pay at the club. Because our website is so openly public, we have decided not to publish our donors’ names. But when – not if – when we get through this, at the club we will formally, publicly and thankfully announce their names. We are so grateful for their donations. It would be very nice if more of our members were as generous. It would certainly be a big help. And if you wish to help, lease mail your cheque donation to:

Barrie Bridge Club, 18 Alliance Blvd, Unit 3, Barrie [doh], L4M 5K3 or if you happen to be grocery shopping in the area, put your envelope in mailbox #3. The mailbox will be checked and emptied at least every 3
days. All of us hope that all of you are doing as best as possible, are helping where and when you can and that you are doing the best you can to keep smiling.


John Montgomery



If you haven’t yet played on BBO, just try it.  It’s a lot of fun and will keep your bridge mind alive. Search and log in, make a name and password for yourself if you don’t have one already. If you need help finding your way around, just email any time.

BBO are now running three games a day for ACBL members to benefit their clubs. Cost for each 18 board game is $5 US, and $4 US will go to the ACBL who will work out which clubs you play at and will send the money on to the clubs.

These games are at 10am, 5pm and 7.30pm EVERY DAY and are open for registration two hours before the game begins, each game lasts two hours. You will earn ACBL black points if you place.

Check out the Digital Bridge Care Package.  Lots of free stuff


♠   ♣  SCHEDULED GAMES     ♣ 



705 721-9233













The Barrie Bridge Club is available for rent by either members of the club or visitors.

The current fees to rent are $175 for 4 hours (Length of time is negotiable).

Barrie Bridge Members can rent at a price of $100.  A deposit may be required to ensure clean-up afterwards. 

For additional information please contact Evelyn Carolyn-Elsey

at or at (705) 794-3556

In addition any Barrie Bridge Executive would be able to arrange to rent the club for you.

ICON for City of Barrie

The Spirit Catcher on Barrie's Waterfront 


ICON for City of Barrie
Wed 1st Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 7 pm
Thu 2nd Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Fri 3rd Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Sun 5th Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Mon 6th Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:30 pm
Mon 6th Jul 2020
299er Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Tue 7th Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Wed 8th Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 7 pm
Thu 9th Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Fri 10th Jul 2020
Open Game
BBO Virtual Game VACB134783 1:10 pm
Guaranteed Partner Program

The title says it all!  No partner, no problem.  There will be a partner guaranteed for you at every seession offered.

Please note that for obvious reasons you should attend each event early to guarantee a partner.  On the odd chance that a partner cannot 

be found we will give you a free game ticket.





Welcome from Barrie Bridge Association

The Barrie Bridge Association (BBA) would like to extend a warm welcome to all local and visiting duplicate bridge players to the Barrie area.  We meet at 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 3, Barrie, Ontario.  We have games every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.   

The BBC is an ACBL-sanctioned club that offers duplicate bridge games for a variety of skill levels, and a beginner game with a lesson each week.  Please see the Calendar for upcoming scheduled games.

Please come out for an enjoyable afternoon or evening of bridge, and bring a friend!  Weather Gas Prices