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You Can Play Your Hands Again!

Two User Manuals have been created to show you how to re-play your game hands!  They are located in the Blue Menu above, one for replaying REAL game hands and one for replaying VIRTUAL game hands.

At the end of every game (REAL or VIRTUAL), whose results have been uploaded to the Barrie Bridge CLUB Web Site, you have a number of REPLAY THE HAND AGAIN options:

  1. You can re-play any of your REAL game hands with full control over what card is played from each north/south/east/west hand.

You can experiment with different leads or playing strategies to see if you can get an extra trick or put your opponents down.

  1. For on-line VIRTUAL games you have three options.  You can replay the hand any way you choose as described in 1 above.

Or you you can replay the hand exactly, card for card, as you played it in your on-line game or any other pairs hands for that matter to learn from them.

Or, you can replay the hand exactly, card for card, as you (or others) played it in your on-line game, and then deviate at any time during the play and take a different line.

  1. You also have the option to download the game file (REAL or VIRTUAL) and import it to a different Bridge Computer Program that allows you to replay the hands.
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Welcome to Barrie Bridge
Who Are These Masked Bidders!
Who Are These Masked Bidders!
BBO and ACBL Virtual Game Results

Barrie Bridge Club virtual game results are now being incorporated into our web site right after the conclusion of each game.  See the results for the last 7 games in the upper right-hand corner of the website highlighted in green. You can see older virtual game results by clicking Results in the blue menu in the upper left corner of this web site.  All points shown on our website are actual ACBL masterpoints awarded and not BBO points.

You can still see the old-style BBO results (and BBO points) by clicking below. Also given is the link to the ACBL site for their version of our Club's virtual game results. So you have lots of choices in how you view your game results!

BBO Results

ACBL Results


♠   ♣  SCHEDULED GAMES     ♣ 


Mask to Mask Bridge:

Monday and Friday at 1:00 pm at our club on Alliance Blvd, Unit 3

Online Virtual Club games:

Monday 1:10 pm 299er

Monday 1:30 pm Open

Tuesday 1:10 pm Open

Wednesday 7:10 pm Open

Thursday 1:10 pm Open

Friday 1:10 pm Open



705 721-9233

2020 Annual General Meeting

of the Barrie Bridge Association

I have put this in bold because it deserves to be in bold.  Your executive wants you to know that we are paying very close attention to the recent surges in COVID across the province and in our area. We are also cheered by news of successes in vaccine development.  At our mask to mask bridge games, we consistently employ more stringent safety protocols than you would find at your local LCBO, grocery store or Costco.  This is just let you know that we are not dare-devils but conscientious folks who really enjoy this special form of the game that we all love.  Online is OK but with real people – even masked – it is so much better.  Be safe as you see it.

Before I begin my comments on this incredible year, there are so many thanks and commendations that I must make.

First, I have been blessed with the most talented and committed executive ever.  They have contributed to and worked for the successes that we have achieved despite this year.  Even more, to their credit, they have all agreed to participate in your 2021 executive board.  The Barrie Bridge Club is so fortunate to have such dedicated people.

Second, I must credit the work and cheer that Maggie Sparrow has given our club.  You have read her cheery, daily announcements of our online games.  She has also compiled the numbers of participants and online games that help your executive gain an understanding of our resources.

Third, I must honour the work of our directors both online and mask to mask.  They have brought much joy and relief in this very nasty time.  John LaMarre’s work on maintaining our website communication must also get kudos.

Fourth, I must credit our members who answered our call for donations.  Their generosity, respect for and love of our duplicate bridge club was and is heart-warming especially during this difficult year.

Last but by no means least, I must thank Joffre McCleary on behalf our entire club for his work on our behalf.  As you may see – if you continue to read on – how his efforts kept us alive.  If you think that this is overstating things, just read on.

Now for your President’s report on 2020.  It tells an amazing story of the survival of a not-for-profit organization.  It is a true story of a small diverse but united group of amateurs who worked and worked to keep their charge – that not-for-profit organization – alive.

Yes, I know that the minutes from the last 2 years have been sadly late in transmission via our website.  Can we now move on?

If you were to read the minutes of an early 2020 executive meeting, you would now wonder at what a simple world we were inhabiting.  Discussions of coffee and kitchen cleanliness – OMG.  How these last 7 or 8 months have changed our ideas of reality and importance.

Through the incredible initiative of Dale MacKenzie and the willingness to join in the task by Frank Mustoe and Marc Brenner, we were able very early on to offer BBO/ACBL games online that made your club money.  Yes, all those games that you played and paid for in BBO $ have helped to keep our club alive. Donations to the club were also a major help and boost to our spirits kept our club alive. Alive means paying utilities, insurance, Bell, ACBL fees and rent on a facility that was not being used.  None of those could be stopped without major penalties.

In late August and early September, your executive decided to take a gamble on mask to mask bridge at our club.  We received Health Unit acceptance [no one at this stage of COVID would approve anything] of our procedures and protocols.  And now the worst was to become evident.

One day, our games director Jane Foster commented to me that the thermostat in the larger room was not working and she wanted to put on the fan because of the heat.  I consulted Doug Fisher [an active club member and electrician] if he could help.  He said that this issue was not in his expertise and recommended an HVAC service.  I contacted that service and a technician came to the club to survey the problem.  Ultimately, he reported that the roof-top HVAC units had been red tagged and the gas shut off.  Remember that by now this is mid September.

Why we were not notified of this earlier is murky but by now mostly moot. I contacted two other HVAC specialists for estimates of repair costs.  They were not encouraging. In our lease, the club is responsible for the repair and replacement of HVAC equipment.  Our landlords demanded replacement not repair.  Before you explode, that is just the way it is now for commercial leases according to our commercial properties lawyer.  I have his letter in a PDF if you wish to see it.

Our landlords offered us a very good deal [why good in a minute].  We would pay $10,000.00 and they would pay the rest of the cost for 2 brand new HVAC units for our facility.  Your executive debated long and hard on whether to pay or just pack up and leave.  Our lawyer’s letter made it clear that we would be in deep trouble if we left – as in liable for full payment of the replacement.  Yes, for the constitutionally directed, we did exceed the specified limit by $2,500.00.  Given that winter was near by and freezing pipes would be the least of the club’s problems, your executive went with the deal.

Now for the good news that most of you know already.  The good news is Joffre McCleary and his indomitable will.  He worked and worked and ultimately triumphed over the CRA and got us a refund from an HST levy of about $14,000.00 net. We could pay for our part of the replacement.

More good news.  On November 6th, the new units [there are 2 which are both heat and air conditioning] have been installed, are working and have been approved by our own HVAC specialist.

What your 2020 executive went through this year – like all of us – was a whole lot more than discussions of coffee and kitchen cleanliness.

Now for a summary of our financial situation from our treasurers:

Your 2020 co-treasurers – something that came about as COVID struck – are Evelyn Caroline and Betty MacMillan.

A summary of their report is included in the eblast to our members. If you did not receive that eblast and would like the report, please email me at and I will forward it to you.

The formal announcement of your acclaimed 2021 executive:

President:  Mary Ellen Dale

Vice president:  John Montgomery

Secretary:  Becky Dziurda

Treasurer:  Betty MacMillan

Association Manager:  Dale MacKenzie

Chief Games Director:  Jane Foster

Social Co-ordinator:  Evelyn Caroline

Member at large:  Gary Hesson

Novice Co-ordinator:  Reet Skelton

Immediate Past President [ex officio]:  John Montgomery

Finally, if you wish to participate in a Zoom meeting to ask questions or to make comments on all or any of the above. In order to try to keep this meeting from becoming an impromptu rant session, the following procedures must be followed.

By email to, you must send in:

  1. your request to participate,
  2. the topic or topics you wish to have discussed,
  3. a brief outline of the specific opinions you may have on the events outlined in the president’s message,
  4. 3 possible dates for which you would be available to participate in the Zoom meeting.

We will attempt to co-ordinate all requests and set up a Zoom meeting that is convenient for as many as possible.

Thank you all for being members of this fantastic organization.

Cheers, John Montgomery, president 2020

Latest News About Mask to Mask Bridge


September is here and away we go:

  • We will remain open for mask to mask bridge Mondays and Fridays at 1 pm until we are mandated by government to close.

You may wear either a mask or face shield or both at our games.

  • You can come without a partner and give it a chance.  There is not a guaranteed partner system working right now.
  • If you want to be on a list of “looking for a partner”, please email Evelyn at  She is compiling a phone list to assist players wanting to play mask to mask because it is great fun.
  • Without sounding too much like a PBS appeal, we are looking for money donations to help us with current and an unexpected expense.  The furnace serving the larger room is seriously broken.  We are approaching the landlords for help with this.  But any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you for supporting your club and being part of our community.

Cheers and above all, be safe.  Monty

Safety Protocols and Procedures

for Mask to Mask Bridge

In order to attempt this, here are the safety conditions and precautions that we have developed in conjunction with the Simcoe County Health Unit.

  • To enter and play, everyone must wear a face mask and/or face shield.  Gloves are not to be worn.
  • On entering, you will be administered a temperature gauge to see if you are safe or in flame.  It will be sanitized after every use.
  • Hand sanitizers – located widely in the club and at each table – to be used on entering the building, at each table and when exiting the washrooms.
  • All tables will have at least 6 feet separation according to the Health Unit plan.
  • Bridge Mates will be in baggies and only touched by North.  East West are to wipe down their chairs and table location upon leaving.
  • East and West will take their bidding boxes with them. They are theirs for the game.  Please wipe down as best you can after the final.
  • The lunchroom area and water cooler are closed and out of bounds.  If you wish to bring a beverage do so but no food whatsoever.  Please take whatever you bring with you on leaving.
  • The club will be thoroughly cleaned before the re-opening [it has already been cleaned but no point in going light].
  • You must register before the game either as a pair or as a foursome.  There will be no singles or standbys. 
  • There is no need to pre-register but it is better if you arrive with a partner.  We can not offer a guaranteed partner at this time.
  • Table fee is $7.00 in exact change [no money handling] and registration is a commitment to pay the $7.00 despite any emergency that might arise.

We know that this is a lot of must-dos but given the examples set by our southern neighbour, we can do no less.

If you have questions or comments, please call John Montgomery at 705-627-2443.



The Barrie Bridge Club is available for rent by either members of the club or visitors.

The current fees to rent are $175 for 4 hours (Length of time is negotiable).

Barrie Bridge Members can rent at a price of $100.  A deposit may be required to ensure clean-up afterwards. 

For additional information please contact Evelyn Carolyn-Elsey

at or at (705) 794-3556

In addition any Barrie Bridge Executive would be able to arrange to rent the club for you.

#72757 Pairs Barrie BC 299er Monday Nov 23 1:10pm
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Open Game
1:30 pm
#72672 Pairs Barrie BC Friday Nov 20 1:10pm
Friday Afternoon Pairs
#37036 Pairs Barrie BC Thurs Nov 19 1:10pm
#37020 Pairs Barrie BC Wed Nov 18 7:10pm
#209 Pairs Barrie BC Tuesday Nov. 17 1:10pm
#82615 Pairs Barrie BC 299 Monday Nov 16 1:10p
Open Game
1:30 pm

A longtime member of our Bridge Club has passed away.  Patricia Ann Foerster in her 98th year.  She had a life-long love of Bridge and played in Sudbury for many years prior to moving to the Barrie area in 1989.  Patricia was Dale MacKenzie’s aunt and sister to the late Jack Phillips.   There will be a virtual service for Patricia on Friday Nov 20 at 9:30 am that friends can attend by Clicking Here.

Welcome from Barrie Bridge Association

The Barrie Bridge Association (BBA) would like to extend a warm welcome to all local and visiting duplicate bridge players to the Barrie area.  We meet at 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 3, Barrie, Ontario.

The BBC is an ACBL-sanctioned club that offers duplicate bridge games for a variety of skill levels. Please come out for an enjoyable afternoon or evening of bridge, and bring a friend!  Weather Gas Prices

2020 Club Membership Fees

These would be almost impossible to collect.  How about we call it a “membership fee holiday”  but state that any member would be very welcome to gift to the club their $25.00 fee.  Simply drop a cheque off at the club or mail it to us at Barrie Bridge Club, 18 Alliance Blvd, Unit 3, Barrie, ON. L4M 5A5. We can also do e-transfers [wow, 21st century us].  The club banks at TD and our email is





Guaranteed Partner Program

During our limited mask to mask re-opening, sadly, we can not provide a guaranteed partner.  If you wish to be on a list and receive that list of members looking for a partner for mask to mask bridge, please email .