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You Can Play Your Hands Again!

Two User Manuals have been created to show you how to re-play your game hands!  They are located in the Blue Menu above, one for replaying REAL game hands and one for replaying VIRTUAL game hands.

At the end of every game (REAL or VIRTUAL), whose results have been uploaded to the Barrie Bridge CLUB Web Site, you have a number of REPLAY THE HAND AGAIN options:

  1. You can re-play any of your REAL game hands with full control over what card is played from each north/south/east/west hand.

You can experiment with different leads or playing strategies to see if you can get an extra trick or put your opponents down.

  1. For on-line VIRTUAL games you have three options.  You can replay the hand any way you choose as described in 1 above.

Or you you can replay the hand exactly, card for card, as you played it in your on-line game or any other pairs hands for that matter to learn from them.

Or, you can replay the hand exactly, card for card, as you (or others) played it in your on-line game, and then deviate at any time during the play and take a different line.

  1. You also have the option to download the game file (REAL or VIRTUAL) and import it to a different Bridge Computer Program that allows you to replay the hands.
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Welcome to Barrie Bridge
Sunday OPEN and SWISS TEAM GAME Announcements

Our first Sunday Virtual Swiss Team Game was a resounding Success!  By popular demand, the club will now offer a regular OPEN Virtual game on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sunday (when there are 5) of every month.  There will be a SWISS TEAM Virtual Game on the 4th Sunday of every month.  The next Swiss Team game will be on Sunday, March 28th at 1:10 pm.  See you there!

BBO and ACBL Virtual Game Results

Barrie Bridge Club virtual game results are now being incorporated into our web site right after the conclusion of each game.  See the results for the last 10 games in the upper right-hand corner of the website highlighted in green. You can see older virtual game results by clicking Results in the blue menu in the upper left corner of this web site.  All points shown on our website are actual ACBL masterpoints awarded and not BBO points.


You can still see the old-style BBO point results by clicking below. Also given is the link to the ACBL site for their version of our Club's virtual game results. So you have lots of choices in how you view your game results!

BBO Results

ACBL Results


♠   ♣  SCHEDULED GAMES     ♣ 


Online Virtual Club games:

Monday 1:10 pm 299er

Monday 1:30 pm Open

Tuesday 1:10 pm Open

Wednesday 7:10 pm Open

Thursday 1:10 pm Open

Friday 1:10 pm Open

Saturday 1:10 pm Open

Sunday 1:10 pm OPEN - First, Second, Third, Fifth Sunday Every Month (New)

Sunday 1:10 pm Open Swiss Team Game - 4th Sunday of every month (New)


Our Virtual Club Directors are:


Dale MacKenzie

BBO name : bigmac33
VacB134783 (when directing)


Frank Mustoe
BBO name : Doctoe
VacB134783 (when directing)


Marc Brenner
BBO name : tobytanzer
VacB134783 (when directing)

No More Masked Bidders Till Further Notice

Hi friends,

After talking with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and after hearing the continuing surge of the second wave,

your executive has decided to stop our Mask to Mask games until further notice.

We are hopeful that we will be able to restart and widen participation in the new year and as the vaccines are rolled out.

Have a safe and happy [if alone] Holiday season.

John Montgomery, President, Barrie Bridge Club




Sadly, we have had to close our club for an undetermined amount of time.  Apart from missing the in-person game and the fellowship that goes with it, we will be missing the table fees for quite a while.  Donations, online revenue and a limited amount of money in the bank will allow us to survive this pandemic.  While memberships this year are free, we urge you to donate what you can to keep the club afloat until such time as we can joyously reopen.

Technical difficulties prevent us from using e-transfers, so please send your cash or cheque, made out to the Barrie Bridge Club, to either


Betty Macmillan  39 Ferndale Dr. S., Unit 205, Barrie, ON  L4N 5T5


Barrie Bridge Club 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 3, Barrie, ON  L4M 5A5


Thank you very much, and please stay safe!  We want to see all of you in 2021.

Mary Ellen


The Barrie Bridge Club is available for rent by either members of the club or visitors.

The current fees to rent are $175 for 4 hours (Length of time is negotiable).

Barrie Bridge Members can rent at a price of $100.  A deposit may be required to ensure clean-up afterwards. 

For additional information please contact Evelyn Carolyn-Elsey

at or at (705) 794-3556

In addition any Barrie Bridge Executive would be able to arrange to rent the club for you.

#51629 Pairs Barrie BC Open Fri. Apr. 9 1:10pm
1:10 pm
Open Game
Open Game
7 pm
#32689 Pairs Barrie BC Open Tues. Apr. 6 1:10pm
#8994 Pairs Barrie BC 299er Mon. Apr. 5 1:10pm
Open Game
1:30 pm
#90111 Pairs Barrie BC Open Sun. Apr. 4 1:10pm
#90096 Pairs Barrie BC Open Sat. Apr. 3 1:10pm
#85432 Pairs Barrie BC Open Fri. Apr. 2 1:10pm
1:10 pm
#85424 Pairs Barrie BC Open Thurs.. Apr. 1 1:10pm
Ginny Rosen

The executive of the Barrie Bridge Club is sad to announce that Ginny Rosen, a beloved member of the club, has passed away.  She had a severe stroke two weeks ago, from which she did not recover. Ginny had a magnetic personality, and everyone loved her.  That said, she was a formidable opponent, and it was much better to be playing with her than against.  According to Paul, she considered many of our club players to be among her very best friends.  We will miss her and her charming wit.  Our condolences to Paul for his loss of a loved one.

Financial Update

We have monthly expenses (which include rent, utilities, ACBL fees, directors’ fees, etc.) of approximately $6000 and income (mostly BBO and donations) of approximately $4000.  We have added Saturday BBO games.  Your executive has decided to offer regular Open games on all Sundays and will feature a Swiss Open game every fourth Sunday, beginning on March 28.  Evelyn and Betty have successfully secured a CERB grant, which will almost eliminate our shortfall. John, Becky and I recently met to complete a government grant, but the site had crashed; we will continue with this until it is done.  So, in answer to those who are concerned about our finances, the short answer is that we are managing fairly well. For a more complicated discussion, please ask Betty at

Please note:  my new and only email is My old one was hacked, necessitating the change.

Welcome from Barrie Bridge Association

The Barrie Bridge Association (BBA) would like to extend a warm welcome to all local and visiting duplicate bridge players to the Barrie area.  We meet at 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 3, Barrie, Ontario.

The BBC is an ACBL-sanctioned club that offers duplicate bridge games for a variety of skill levels. Please come out for an enjoyable afternoon or evening of bridge, and bring a friend!  Weather Gas Prices

2020 Club Membership Fees

These would be almost impossible to collect.  How about we call it a “membership fee holiday”  but state that any member would be very welcome to gift to the club their $25.00 fee.  Simply drop a cheque off at the club or mail it to us at Barrie Bridge Club, 18 Alliance Blvd, Unit 3, Barrie, ON. L4M 5A5. We can also do e-transfers [wow, 21st century us].  The club banks at TD and our email is