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If you wish to play Bridge on any Tuesdays then please register on the web site under registration latest by Monday evening. Thank you.

Important Information

Table money from 1st January 2019 will be £2.50 for members and £5.00 or more for non-members.

Our Annual Subscription from 1st January 2019 is £25.00 

Membership for 2019 is full.

Thank you to all the DONORS

Our thanks from bottom of our hearts to all the






Of Course

The Volunteers who help us every week.

List of Sponsors 2019
List of Sponsors - Snacks and Dinners for 2019

1st Jan - Bina & Dinesh Shah (Dinner)

8th Jan - Alka & Ketan Samani (Nasto)

29th Jan -Mudhuben and Sureshbhai Shah (Nasto)

26th Feb -Mudhuben and Sureshbhai Shah (Nasto)

19th March -Shakuben Sheth (Nasto)

26th March -Mudhuben and Sureshbhai Shah (Nasto)

2nd April -Hansaben and Subashbhai Bakhai (Nasto)

18th April -Jagdish and Chandra Mehta (Nasto)

25th April -Mudhuben and Sureshbhai Shah (Nasto)

30th April -Kishorbhai Chandarana and Navinbhai Sanghrajka (Nasto)

21st May -Nanalal and Kokila Solani (Nasto)

28th May -Mudhuben and Sureshbhai Shah (Nasto)

18th June -Nanalal and Kokila Solani (Nasto)

25th June  -Mudhuben and Sureshbhai Shah (Nasto)

16th July  - Malti & Chandrakant Shah (Nasto)

23rd July  -Manjuben and Sampat Sethia (Nasto)

4th August  -Pratibha Lakhani (Lunnch)

8th August  - Heena and Chetan Parekh (Nasto) 

13th August  -Rajni and Vadan Ganatra (Nasto)

20th August  -Kokilaben and Nanalal Solani (Nasto)

10th September  -Hansaben Mehta (Nasto)

17th September  -Mahendrabhai Nagada (Nasto)

24th September  -Kokilaben and Nanalal Solani (Nasto)

1st October  -Madhuben Shah surprise party for Sureshbhai (Nasto)

8th October  -Jasmin Shah to celebrate Mahendrabhai's Birthday (Nasto)

15th October  -Jayshreeben and Navinbhai Jhatakia to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary (Nasto)

20th October  -Suniben and Rashmibhai Patel to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary (Dinner)

12th November  -Nanalalbhai and Kokilaben Solani to celebrate Shushilaben Kothari's 80th Birthday (Nasto)

19th November  -Rashmiben Desai to celebrate Jayprakashbai's 70th Birthday (Nasto)

26th November  -Kumudben Kothari to celebrate Dinkerbhai's 80th Birthday (Nasto)

3d December -Kishorbhai Chandarana (70th birthday) and Navinbhai Sanghrajka (Nasto)

10th December -Kalpana Doshi to celebrate Jasvantbhai's 70th birthday (Nasto)

17th December -Jyotiben Mehta to celebrate  Arvindbhai's 70th birthday (Nasto)