Bankers Bridge Club
3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin D02RR50

Mike Gowie

President, Bankers Bridge Club

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Juniors Visitors and Guests
Juniors, Visitors and Guests

Members may play with a guest on Thursday evenings and may pre-book their game using bankersbookagame.

Tuesday evenings are members only.

Bankers have a long tradition of encouraging juniors in their playing of the game.

The Honorary Secretary maintains a list of non-member “approved juniors”, such list to be approved by committee quarterly.

Those juniors on the “approved list” may play on the following occasions.

  • Two non-member juniors may play as partners on Thursday evenings.  They may not pre-book and must just turn up and play, if space is available.

  • On those Tuesday evenings when a single night non-major event is taking place a member may play with a non-member junior.  They may not pre-book a place and priority will be given to member pairings on these nights.  Two non-member juniors may play as partners on these nights, they may not pre-book and priority will be given to member pairings.

Members are expected to behave honourably by observing these rules at all times.

Overseas Visitors and Local Bridge Personalities

From time to time the club receives requests from overseas visitors and local bridge personalities to play in the club.  An officer of the club is empowered to permit their playing, provided no member is denied a game.