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Mixed Teams

Congratulations go to the winners of the Mixed Pairs competition, Adrienne & Martin Purdy. Combined results are posted under results. See latest news for details.


Mike Gowie

President, Bankers Bridge Club

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Mixed Pairs 2023

Adrienne & Martin Purdy with Bankers President Mike Gowie

Bankers Golf Outing

The Bankers help their golf outing this year on 26th†May in Castleknock.
We were treated to some wonderful weather, the course was excellent and all enjoyed their day out.
1st Liam Maher
2nd Mike Gowie
3rd Gerry Lawlor
4th Mary Lindopp
Winning team
Peter Ryan Betty Murphy Fergus O'Rafferty

Liam Maher with Bankers President Mike Gowie
2nd Place
Mike Gowie
Winning Team
Peter Ryan Betty Murphy Fergus O'Rafferty

Week of 3rd April 23, Easter week

As we approach Easter, (and shortly thereafter) the President's prize too is on the horizon. For these events, players are requested to make all bookings through the BookAGame application. The club held a training session this past week to train and introduce a group of new Tournament Directors. Please welcome any new director in the event they are on the rota for any given evening. You are all aware that the most fraught time for a TD when setting up a session is establishing the number of tables required for the evening. For the club, BookAGame has become the focus for setting up the session and therefore, we are depending on the application more and more. To date, booking discipline has been excellent from all members; I just thought I'd mention it to make you all aware of how dependent we are (on the application) and how much it assists TD's old and new. Remember the bonnet for the Easter Egg night, tonight. One final thing for the diaries is the golf day. This year it will be at Castleknock Gold Club on Friday 26th May, so please make a note. Have a good week, Mike Gowie, President,†Bankers†bridge Club.

Week of April 17th, 2023

Dear Members, A quiet bridge-wise but quite busy on the new Tournament Director initiative led by Ita & Mary. For the coming months you will see new faces directing and/or moving boards. I ask all of you to be encouraging and patient.†But above all, to show a little kindness should there be a hiccup. The undertaking is daunting in any circumstance - any difficulty encountered will only discourage potential directors.† A further item to mention is that we have made every effort to turn on the double dummy analysis on the web pages.†We have been in touch with the CBAI who themselves have been unsure how to do that. This has proved challenging - the software is not the most friendly in the world. But we will get there eventually. In the interim, the printed sheets DO have the analysis. These are produced in Portable Document Format (PDF) and printed for the end of the evening when we have printer toner.†If anyone wants a copy the following morning, feel free to email me and I'll do my best to pass on the PDF of the hands. Also worth mentioning is the formation of a conduct sub-committee.†This has yet to be ratified at the next committee meeting but I am confident it will be agreed.†The idea is to have a 'go-to' should anyone feel strongly about incidents that occur from time to time at the table.†Ideally, this sub-committee will never need convene it will serve a specific function only if required. Have a good week.

Mike Gowie,

President, BBC