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Looking for a Bridge Partner?

If you are looking for a partner please contact Des on 077 3009 8026 who may be aware of someone else who is looking for a partner.

Scorer: Sheila Green
Royal Hotel Cup
Director: Ronnie Morrow
Scorer: Ronnie Morrow
Director: Ronnie Morrow
Scorer: Ronnie Morrow
Welcome to Bangor Contract Bridge Club

Congratulations to Maura and Heather on winning the 2019 Royal Hotel Cup.

1st Maura Fox & Heather Wright  70.5%

2nd Helen Conroy & Alison Brown  69.3%

3rd David Kildea & Michael Conroy  66.6% 

The full results can be viewed on the 'Results' section on the left.

Last updated : 10th Dec 2019 23:32 GMT