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April 19 & 26 - Joan Courtemanche Restricted Pairs and Open Pairs
April 21 - Paynesville GNOT Heat 10.30am @ Bairnsdale 
May 3 - Winter Pairs, Bairnsdale


Karen Edlington, Phillip Goode, Lyn Woods and Faye McMillan (absent) were the 2nd placegetters in the Restricted Teams section of the ERBA Championships held at Paynesville. All the players are members of Bairnsdale Bridge Club and were presented with their bottle of wine by ERBA President, Jean Macleod (3rd from left)

BBC Phone Number

0461 294 072

During bridge only - AH 0491 190 501

Need A Partner?
Need A Partner?

Pat Waite on 51521782 or
mobile 0477437776

Bairnsdale Bridge Club Congress Sponsors


The Grand Terminus Hotel - Patties Foods Ltd
East Gippsland Shire Council - Amcal Chemist

Please support our sponsors,

whom we sincerely thank for their generous support 

Bairnsdale Bridge Club Congress Sponsors

Congratulations to the following members who have achieved a Rank Promotion :

David Haywood - Life Master
Ilse Porritt - Life Master
Faye McMillan - Bronze National Master
Kaye Munro - Regional Master
Sue Williams - Club Master
Jane West - Club Master

Session Times
Session Times

A friendly reminder of the Bridge Session times for Bairnsdale

Monday: 7.00pm 

   Friday:   12.00noon

Saturday: 12.00noon

Please  arrive at least 10 minutes before play. If you know you will be late, phone the club on 0461 294 072 and let someone know.

Additional Information
Psyche Bidding, System Card

Psychic bid (also psych) is a bid in bridge that grossly misstates the power and/or suit lengths of one's hand. It is used deliberately to deceive the opponents. Normally, the psychic bid is made with a weak hand, overstating its overall strength, the length and strength in a particular suit, or both.  

It is considered unsportsmanlike for stronger players to psych against inexperienced or weak players and Bairnsdale Bridge Club strongly discourages psych bidding at any of their sessions. We would like to remind all players to have their system card available at the table. Please call the director and report any psych bidding.

Seven No Trump

Don't Hold Back! Bid and make 7NT and you and your partner will be rewarded with free entry to the next available bridge session you attend in Bairnsdale.

Number of boards on Fridays

It is up to the director to decide on Fridays which movement and how many boards are played.

When playing a "standard" Mitchell movement the boards played are:

7 tables: 35 boards

8 tables: 32 boards with share and relay

9 tables: 36 boards/9 rounds or 32 boards/8 rounds

10 tables: 30 boards with share and relay

11 tables: 33 boards

extra 1/2 tables are rounded up. e.g.. a 7 1/2 table is set up as a 8 table with a sitout.

To play a different number of boards the movement has to be set up more "non standard", e.g. with a rover or a skip. Directors will have their preferences and we ask you to respect their choice.

System Cards

From July 1st 2019 onwards system cards will be compulsory for all Bairnsdale sessions.

There also will be an adjusted score for misinformation, unless partners have never played before.

David Luckes Reward Program

Bairnsdale Bridge Club is a member of the "Rewards Program" offered by David Lucke's Fresh Food, Bairnsdale.

Pick up a tag at the club and each time you shop at the store, scan it, and reward points will be awarded to the club. 

We receive on average one $20 voucher per month.