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Annual General Meeting Bairnsdale Bridge Club Saturday
February 4 - 12 Noon

 Gold Coast Congress - February 17-25
ERBA Championships (Phillip Island) February 11 & 12
 President's Pairs February 17 & 24
♠ Bairnsdale GNOT Heat Saturday March 4 - 10.30am start


Winners of the 2022 Bairnsdale Club Championship Teams event were Nick Nadebaum, Lorraine Robinson, Rosemarie Schwabeggar and Terry Nadebaum.

BBC Phone Number

0491 745 464

during bridge only

AH 0491 190 501

Need A Partner?
Need A Partner?

Trish Brown - 51571433 or 0428 578 617

Rob Gault, Helen Gault, Di Baldwin and Rob Ziffer, all from the Sale Bridge Club, were the winners of the "Best Restricted Team" at the 2022 Bairnsdale Congress.


Congratulations to the following members who have achieved Rank Promotions :

Liz Falkiner - State Master

Dianne Wyndham - National Master

Session Times

A friendly reminder of the Bridge Session times for Bairnsdale

Monday: 7.15pm 

   Friday:   12.00noon

Saturday: 1.00pm

Please  arrive at least 10 minutes before play. If you know you will be late, phone the club on 049 1745 464 and let someone know.

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