Release 2.19n
March Supervised Play Schedule


Beginning: Temporarily Discontinued

Intermediate:  Wednesday @ 2:30 - 18th and 25th

SHUT DOWN due to Coronavirus Threat

Though NOT a time for panic, it is a time for diligence and time to listen to our State and National officials.  This disease needs to be taken serioulsy and we should all do our part.  Accordinly,  Bridge Academy II will be shut down at least until March 30th.  Lets pray that another week and a half will be enough time to get back to playing this game we all love!  Until then, I WILL miss you all!  Alan

Ciacio, Tom Manager & Director (805) 216-9922
Gruber, Bob Writer & Director (805) 889-2264
Knee, Peter Instructor & Director  (818) 269-3699
Beutel, Linda Director (818) 634-4261
Gunther, Diane Director (805) 480-3837
Curtis, Alan Owner & Director (805) 432-5942