October Supervised Play Schedule


Beginning: Temporarily Discontinued

Intermediate:  Wednesday @ 2:30 - 16th; 23rd

Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Games

During the month of October, Bridge Academy II will be running several Jane Johnson Appreciation games which will yield additional points to the winners with NO extra card fees.  Please check the calendar for these games and try and attend as many as possible....GOOD LUCK!

Welcome to Bridge Academy II

77 Rolling Oaks Road    Thousand Oaks    CA    91361    (805) 495-0385   bridgeacademy2@verizon.net

Let's Play Bridge!
Let's Play Bridge!

Bridge Academy II has a game almost every day of the week. Even special games for 499ers and 749ers. We are a ZERO TOLERANCE CLUB offering the friendiest game around! We hope you'll join us.

Practical Tips to Speed Up Your Play

Being stuck behind a slow pair can be frustrating.  There are a few practical things many pairs can do to speed up their game without detracting from the time dedicated to the bidding and play.


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Bob Gruber's Bits and Pieces

New Ranks Achieved:

Sectional Master

Jeff Goldberg


Bronze Life Master

Sin Orensztein



Special Games!
Oct 1st Birthday Cake/Free Play Draw
Oct 7th Club Championship
Oct 8th Club Championship
Oct 9th - 12th Jane Johnson Club Appreciation
Oct 14th-19th Jane Johnson Club Appreciation
Oct 20th UNIT Game
Oct 21st-22nd Jane Jonson Club Appreciation
Oct 29th-31st Club CLOSED for Ventura Regional


Open Pairs & 299 Pairs
Director: Alan Curtis
Open Pairs
Director: Bob Chapman
Open Pairs
Director: Marta Monheim
Oct 24, 2019
Open Pairs
10:30 am
Jane Johnson Club Appreciation
Oct 24, 2019
749 Pairs
6:30 pm
Jane Johnson Club Appreciation
Oct 25, 2019
Open Pairs
10:30 am
Jane Johnson Club Appreciation