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 2024 January Averages 

Wendy Gee Cup.....Gerard & Keith

 Founders Cup...Anne & Gloria 

Aylsham Cup.... Tony & Pete


Everyone Welcome.


It was to good to see Diana at the Hol;iday Inn. How thoughtful of Mary to bring her along to our 'Away Days.'


Do you know where Val and Keith are? I wonder if they played Bridge or just held good hands!


Doing Dummy Proud

The Duties of a Dedicated Dummy by NIgel Block.

"Most players believe that being Dummy is rather boring and try to avoid the role as the main duty is to place played cards in the direction of NS or EW depending on who won the trick. However the number of rights and constraints thrust upon you may surprise you. Here are just some of them.

As Dummy you can:

1. Warn any of the players that a quitted card is in the wrong direction, but only if you spot the lapse before the next trick is started.

2. Attempt to prevent Declarer leading from the wrong hand by saying something like, ‘I think you are in Dummy’. However you must not point out the error once a card has been played.

3. Try to prevent a Defender from leading out of turn. Even so you must remain silent once the card has been played.

4. Attempt to warn Declarer of a possible revoke by for example asking, ‘No more spades, partner?’

But what about the limitations placed on Dummy?  Once again here are just a few of them.  During the play of the hand, as Dummy you are not allowed to:

5. Comment on any irregularity committed by any player.

6. Study an opponent’s system card.

7. Say how many tricks have been won or lost.

8. Call the TD on your own initiative.

9. Hover over a card or suit in dummy in anticipation of declarer’s next play.

At the end of the play of the hand as Dummy you may:

10. Draw attention to a perceived irregularity.

Condition 6 is often broken at club level. The danger here is that you may unintentionally be giving unauthorised information (UI) to your partner.

Condition 9 is quite important.  At one time or another, I suspect most of us have committed this offence in an attempt to save time. However it is prohibited under the laws. The TD can award an adjusted score if he/she believes that Dummy was indicating a possible line of play to Declarer.

Technically a procedural penalty against your side is a possibility for disregarding any of the rules, but in club competition the TD would probably just point out your error and take no further action. 

Note: The list above is not exhaustive; full details can be found in Sections 42-43 of the 2017 laws."

Latest EBU News

To contact the EBU please send us an e-mail  or telephone 01296 317200.

The news is updated periodically by the EBU to give club members a summary of recent news and information from the EBU. For the most up to date news and information please visit

If you wish to comment on anything on this page, please email

International News

Moore & Fawcett win Lady Milne Trials

Jane Moore & Gillian Fawcett have won the trials for the England team for the forthcoming Lady Milne.

The trials were held at Richmond Bridge Club on 24th to 26th January, and Moore & Fawcett won by a large margin of over 100 imps. They will therefore return to the Lady Milne to defend the trophy they won as part of the successful 2013 England team.

They will be joined in the team by Catherine Seale & Anne Rosen, and Christine Jepson & Catherine Curtis. These pairs finished second and third in the trials, comfortably clear of the rest of the field.

A photograph all the full team can be seen here

The Lady Milne takes place 11th to 13th April in Gormanston, Ireland.

Open Team for the European Championships announced

The Open Team for the European Championships has been announced as: Tony Forrester & Andrew Robson; David Bakhshi & David Gold; Jason Hackett & Justin Hackett

The selection sees the reformation of the Forrester-Robson partnership, former European champions (in 1991) and arguably the most successful English pair of recent times. They are joined by Bakhshi & Gold who, with different partners, have represented England in the most recent European Championships and Bermuda Bowl, and by the Hackett twins who were part of the England team who finished second in the World Olympiad in 2008.

The NPC is Simon Cope and the coach is Ben Green.

The Championships take place 21st June – 1st July 2014 in Opatija, Croatia.

English teams 4th and 5th in Camrose

The two English teams are in 4th and 5th place after the first weekend of the 2014 Camrose.

Both teams won two of their five matches, and the England team totaled 49.80 and the EBU team 47.35 across the weekend. Ireland scored 58.61, finishing very narrowly ahead of Scotland, with Northern Ireland in third.

England Team: Ben Green & John Holland; Norman Selway & Derek Patterson; Brian Senior & Nevena Senior; NPC Simon Cochemé

EBU Team: Catherine Curtis & Paul Fegarty; David Kendrick & Jonathan Mestel; Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger; NPC: David Burn

The second weekend will be held in Manchester on 7th to 9th March, and spectators are very welcome.

Simon Cochemé wrote an introduction to the Camrose in the EBU Internationals Blog.

Hackett team wins Senior European Trials

The team of Paul Hackett, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, David Mossop, David Price and Colin Simpson have won the Senior European Trials.

Playing in the final on 4th and 5th January at Richmond Bridge Club against Brian Senior, Clive Owen, David Kendrick and Brian Callaghan, the Hackett team were down 92-111 after the first day. They came storming back on the second day, however, to complete an emphatic victory 271-163 over the 96 boards.

The Senior European Championships will be held in Opatija, Croatia, from June 21st to June 28th 2014.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2014 14:26 GMT
January Results

De Botton and Holland teams win at National Teams Congress

The main events at the National Teams Congress, which took place in Northampton on 18th & 19th January, this year included two parallel events - a Point-a-Board teams and a Swiss teams.

The Point-a-Board teams was won by the team of John Holland & Ben Green and Jeremy Dhondy & Brian Callaghan, and the Swiss teams was won by the team of Waseem Naqvi & Thor Hoftaniska and Janet de Botton & Artur Malinowski (pictured).

For further information and results, please read on. 


Jones team wins Silver Plate

The final of the Silver Plate has been won by the team of Gary Jones (captain), Jerry Harouni, Ray Robinson and Ed Scerri.

In a close final in which both teams led in the second half of the contest, they beat the team of Martin Edge (Captain), Alan Brosgill, Adam Dickinson, Robin Jepson, Dominic Pinto and Nick Woolven by 22 imps.

The Silver Plate is contested between teams knocked out in the 1st or 2nd round of the Gold Cup.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2014 14:20 GMT
Issue 15 of Event Focus available

Issue 15 of Event Focus is now available. It includes details of our 'multi-venue' events - with locations in many parts of the country you can easily take part in nationwide competition.

The Masters Pairs also has free entry for those who have achieved a 'landmark promotion'. Find out more in the newsletter.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2014 14:25 GMT
Sally Bugden stands down as board director

We are very sorry to announce that Sally Bugden has resigned as a director of the EBU board due to increased family responsibilities.

Her contribution to the board as Chairman and Vice Chairman before that was very highly regarded and we will miss her contributions, one of which was to be to the Chairman of the charity English Bridge Education and Development (EBED).

Last updated : 29th Jan 2014 14:24 GMT
December Results

Close finishes and emphatic wins at Year-End Congresses

In London, Phil King & Waseem Naqvi took the lead at the midway point of the opening Swiss Pairs and went on to finish three VPs ahead of Anita Sinclair & Zia Mahmood. Sunday's Open Pairs was won by Simon Gillis & Espen Erichsen ahead of second placed Frank Wharton & Paul Walker, and the Mixed Pairs was won by Christopher Wilson & Abbey Smith, with Samantha Punch & Tim Rees in second.

The Swiss Teams rounded off the London congress, with the team of Jeffrey Allerton & Peter Lee and Graham Osborne & Frances Hinden scoring a maximum in the final match to pip the team of Neil Rosen & Anne Rosen and Jeremy Willans & Ian Draper by a single VP. In fact only four VPs covered the first six teams.

This was in stark contrast to the Swiss Teams in Blackpool where the team of Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield and Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey won by an emphatic margin of 27 VPs. The team of Tim Matthews & Babs Matthews and Bill White & Joyce White were second.

Earlier in the Blackpool congress the Swiss Pairs had been won by Keith Sowerbutts & Phil Godfrey, with Nick Woodcock & Sue Woodcock in second; the Mixed Pairs was won by Bill White & Joyce White, ahead of Paul Littlewood & Fiona Littlewood in second; and the Open Pairs was won by Peter Hall & Nigel Marlow, who finished nearly 5% ahead of their nearest challenges Keith Seabold & Peter Rogers.


Hackett and Senior teams reach Senior European Trials final

The trials for the England team for the Senior European Championships started on 20th to 22nd December with the Hackett and Senior teams reaching January's final.

The event, held at West Midlands Bridge Club, saw the Dixon team take the lead at the halfway stage, but the Hackett and Senior teams overtook them to claim the two places in the final to be held on 4th & 5th January 2014 at Richmond Bridge Club.

The qualifying teams were:
Paul Hackett, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, David Mossop, David Price and Colin Simpson;
Brian Senior, Clive Owen, David Kendrick and Brian Callaghan

The Senior European Championships will be held in Opatija, Croatia, from June 21st to June 28th 2014.


Allfrey team wins Gold Cup

The 2013 Gold Cup has been won by the team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Peter Crouch and Oliver Segal.

In the finals, held in Solihull on 14th and 15th December they beat the Senior Team (Brian Senior, Nevena Senior, Sandra Penfold, Ed Jones, Glyn Liggins, Joe Fawcett) 124-112.

Tony Forrester has now won 12 Gold Cup Titles and moves clear of Boris Schapiro (11) as the most successful player in Gold Cup history.


Young Chelsea wins the NICKO

The 2013 National Inter-Club Knockout has been won by Young Chelsea D team of Neil Rosen (Captain), Richard Bowdery, Simon Cope, Ian Draper, Anne Rosen and Catherine Seale.

In the final held at Reading Bridge Club they beat the West of England A team of David S Jones (Captain), Tim Brierley, Robert Covill and Steve Tomlinson. Alan Jones also represented the West of England team in earlier rounds.

The Young Chelsea Club, who last won the trophy in 2009, and knocked out defending champions Cambridge in the quarter-finals, won the final by 34 imps.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2014 12:03 GMT
England Under 25s win Channel Trophy

England Under 25s win Channel Trophy

Congratulations to the England under 25 squad who won the Channel Trophy in Ostend.

The team of Alex Roberts & Shivam Shah, Kyle Lam & Simon Spencer and Toby Nonnenmacher & Michael Alishaw won five of their six matches (the only defeat being by one imp) to win by a comprehensive 12 VPs.

Both the 'Girls' team of Laura Covill & Alex Birchall and Katy Lee & Carina Negreanu, and the 'Youngsters' team of Freddie Illingworth & Ben Norton, George Siddons & Oliver Powell and Jonathan Derrick & Nick Dean, finished 4th in their events. Nearly all are relatively new to the international teams, however, and the experience will serve them well as they continue their development in the game.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2014 12:00 GMT
Barry's blog #62

Barry's blog #62

As we come to the end of another eventful year Barry updates us on what's been happening and what 2014 might have in store.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2014 12:05 GMT
England Women end successful 2013 at World Mind Games

England Women end successful 2013 at World Mind Games

England's Women have brought 2013 to a close with good performances at the World Mind Games in Beijing.

They continued their run of success with a silver medal in the teams event. The team of Nevena Senior & Heather Dhondy, Fiona Brown & Susan Stockdale, and Sinéad Bird & Sarah O'Connor was narrowly beaten in a close final against China, having earlier won the round-robin part of the event.

Nevena and Heather then added to their extensive medal collections finishing second in the pairs competition.

In the individual event Nevena finished fifth and Sinéad moved through the field well on the final day to finish in ninth.

The photograph shows them receiving their medals from the team event - Fiona is not pictured.

Photograph of Nevena and Heather receiving their medals from the Pairs competition.

As part of the event there was a visit by WBF ambassadors to a school in Beijing to play bridge with the students. Sinéad and Sarah represented the England team and, judging from the autographs they signed, they were popular visitors. A link to the video is below.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2014 11:58 GMT
Event Focus - Issue 14

Issue 14 of Event Focus, with details of all the major upcoming tournaments and congresses, is now available to read online.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2014 12:01 GMT
November results

Senior, Owen, Kendrick and Gibbons win Senior Trials

The Teltscher Trophy Trials, held on 16th/17th November, were won by the team of Brian Senior & Clive Owen and David Kendrick & Roger Gibbons. They won four out of five matches to win with a total of 68.87.

The team of Paul Hackett & Gunnar Hallberg and John Holland & David Mossop were second on 55.7, with Sandy Davies & Tom Gisborne and Warner Solomon & Dave Robinson third on 53.58.

Brian, Clive, David and Roger will now represent England at the Teltscher Trophy which takes place on 16th, 17th, 18th May 2014 at the La Mon Hotel and County Club in Belfast.

The team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Tom Townsend and David Bakhshi have won Division 1 of the Premier League.

They entered the final weekend with a clear lead, but saw this reduced over the first two days, with a number of teams in contention going into the final day. Two large wins, however, including a near maximium against their nearest rivals, meant they moved away to win by 39 VPs.

The team of Cameron Small, Phil King, Ben Green and John Holland finished second, 2VPs ahead of the team of Sandra Penfold, Brian Senior, Nevena Senior, Norman Selway and Derek Patterson.

In Division 2, the team of Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan, Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Frank To and Jeremy Dhondy overhauled the long-time leaders - the team of Sarah Dunn, David Ewart, Alex Hydes, Gunnar Hallberg, Tom Paske and Ed Jones - on the final afternoon to win by 13VPs.

England Juniors win B final at Youth Paris Open

Having narrowly missed out on a place in the semi-finals of the main competition at the 1st Youth Paris Open, finishing 5th in the qualifying rounds, England 1 went on to win the B final comprehensively. They ended on 108, with Poland second on 95.

England 2 completed a good weekend for the team, winning 8 of their 11 matches in the B final to jump up the table and finish =8th out of 22 teams.

The teams were: England 1: Freddie Illingworth, Tom Paske, James Paul and Graeme Robertson; England 2: Ankush Khandelwal, Kyle Lam, Shahzaad Natt and Ben Norton.

Pictured are England 1, along with captain Jason Hackett, and two friendly members of the Botswanan team.

The Seniors Congress took place in Daventry over the weekend of 1st - 3rd November and almost fittingly the Championship Pairs 'A' final was won by Brian Senior and Clive Owen. Alan Bailey & Jette Bailey were second and Dan Crofts & Andrew Thompson were third.

The B final was won by Kath Nelson & Alan Nelson, and the Swiss Pairs was won by Ann Wall & Toby Wall.

The Swiss Teams was won by Jane Jensen & David Jensen and Angela Chester & Richard Chester, finishing 2 VPs ahead of David Dickson & Roger Gibbons and Ken Ford & Ian Swanson. Janet Smith & Geoffrey Bailey and Lynne Heath & Ron Heath finished third.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2014 11:52 GMT
Award winners

Cindy Cole and Joan Bennett recognised for contributions to junior bridge

The recipients of the EBU's two awards for contribution to the promotion and teaching of junior bridge have been announced.

The Alec Salisbury Award has been given to Cindy Cole for her teaching of minibridge at Pembury School in Kent, and for her support of the Minibridge initiative and of the EBU Youth & Education Trust.

The Tom Bradley Award has been given to Joan Bennett for her contribution to the development and promotion of junior bridge and minibridge in the Home Counties.

Congratulations to them both, and we thank them for their efforts.

Last updated : 18th Nov 2013 14:12 GMT
Event Focus

Event Focus Issue 13 - out now

Issue 13 of Event Focus, with details of all the major upcoming tournaments and congresses, is now available to read online.

Upcoming events include:

Seniors Congress: Daventry, 1-3 November 2013

Year End Congress: London, 27-30 December 2013 & Blackpool, 28-30 December 2013

National Teams Congress: Northampton, 18-19 January 2014

Event Focus - Issue 13

Last updated : 24th Oct 2013 10:07 BST
Online games

EBU-run games now available online

More EBU-run games have been added to the schedule.

There is now a game at 2pm on Wednesday, following the usual format, and a game at 4pm on Saturday with IMPs scoring.

Unfortunately it has been necessary to stop the 11pm match on Wednesdays. We are sorry for any disappointment this causes.

The matches are available on Bridge Base Online (BBO), and the revised schedule is as follows:
Wednesday: 2pm and 4pm
Saturday: 4pm (IMPs scoring)
Sunday: 4pm, 6pm and 9pm

All times are UK time.

The tournaments are open to anyone, not just EBU members, and masterpoints can be won by EBU members.

Last updated : 18th Nov 2013 14:05 GMT
Diary delayed

2014 diary delayed until December

Unfortunately, due to circumstances entirely beyond our control and detailed inthe email we received recently, we will be unable to deliver the diary with the October copy of English Bridge as planned. We are sorry about the inconvenience to members. The diary will now be enclosed with the December issue of the magazine which our members will receive towards the end of November. This also means that some members who have requested not to receive a paper magazine will get one this month, but it is impossible to stop the delivery on this occasion, for which we apologise.

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:03 BST
Venice Cup

England women win silver medal

The final of the World Teams Championship in Bali was very close throughout, with the lead changing hands many times. England led by 0.33 IMPs after 92 boards, but the USA had the better of the last four and won 229-220.33 to take the Venice Cup. Congratulations to Nicola Smith, Sally Brock, Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy, Susan Stockdale and Fiona Brown with NPC Jeremy Dhondy and coach David Burn.

The Open team lost in the quarter-finals to a very strong Monaco team and the Scottish seniors were knocked out by the USA at the same stage. Italy won the Bermuda Bowl and Germany won the d'Orsi Trophy.

Photo by Elisabeth van Ettinger courtesy of WBF.

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:15 BST
New EBU Chairman


Jeremy Dhondy becomes new EBU Chairman

The Annual General Meeting of the English Bridge Union took place yesterday (Wednesday October 2nd) in London. Jeremy Dhondy was elected chairman, with Ian Payn vice-chairman and Andrew Petrie treasurer. There were also elections for the Laws and Ethics and Tournament committees. The election results were announced at 3.00pm and they are detailed below.

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:06 BST
October Magazine

October magazine now available in Members Area

EBU members will now find the October 2013 edition of the magazine in theirMembers Areas. The October 2012 edition is now available for free to all visitors.

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:04 BST
Events Focus


Welcome to our September edition of Events Focus; keeping you up to date with forthcoming events and providing news on changes that we hope will improve your enjoyment of our varied calendar, with less travel for many, no hotel bills, earlier start and finish times. We'll be releasing this each month, so you can keep fully up‐to‐date with what's going on.

Lots of highly enjoyable events coming soon, including the Autumn Congress, the Seniors Congress, and much more!

Please don't forget to remind your club to enter its teams for the National Inter Club Knock Out (NICKO).

Deadline for entry is 20 September 2013, although late entries will be considered until 23 September.

In addition to the below events, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers about the Accommodation Booking Service (ABS). The service is operated by Bridge Overseas. Please visit for more information.

Please don’t forget to take a look at our diary changes page, here:

Finally, each edition of Events Focus now includes an article or two written especially for our tournament players. This month, we include an article by Clive Owen from this year’s Gerard Faulkner Salver final. This can be viewed here:


It’s easy to enter any of the events below, or read all about the competitions, or choose the events you want to attend, by simply visiting and booking online through your personal members’ area. You can also contact Peter or Dawn during office hours on 01296 317203/219 or by emailing to enter or get further information.



20 ‐ 29 September 2013

The venue is set in the picturesque parish of St Martin which takes in many of the traditional Guernsey houses, quiet country lanes, as well as superb cliffs. Near to the hotel are a number of interesting and historic places including the Little Chapel, the Occupation Museum, St Martin’s Church, and the Doyle Monument at Jerbourg. Swiss Pairs held over the first weekend and Swiss Teams over the second weekend. A variety of events midweek, including Seniors events.

More information:‐congress

Book here:


18 ‐ 20 October 2013

This popular congress is held in Stratford‐upon‐Avon at the Holiday Inn hotel, with an early finish on the Saturday night to allow a leisurely dinner in the pleasant surroundings of historic Stratford.

The main event of the Congress is the Two Stars Pairs, a prestigious four‐session event culminating in two all‐play‐all finals, with a Swiss Pairs available as an alternative to the main pairs’event, as well as for those who don’ qualify for the finals. On the final day is a two‐session multiple teams’event with several finals.

More information:‐congress

Book here:


1 ‐ 3 November 2013

This congress, held at the Daventry hotel in Northamptonshire, is for players who were born in 1953 or earlier. It features a four‐session Championship Pairs, a one‐day Swiss Pairs for those who wish to start play on the Saturday as well as for those who fail to qualify for the main Championship Pairs finals, followed by a two‐session Swiss Teams on the Sunday.

More information:‐congress

Book here:


4 ‐ 10 February 2014

The Spring Overseas Congress is sponsored by Bridge Overseas. Attendance at this congress is exclusive to delegates booking their package with Bridge Overseas. Please note that we are now running the Bridge England Sim Pairs instead of the Pre‐Congress Pairs as printed in the Brochure.

Please contact Bridge Overseas to book the accommodation set out or to arrange a bespoke package.

Please contact Peter Jordan on 01296 317203 if you require any further information.

More information:‐congress

Book here:



We have many more exciting and interesting bridge events coming up in the future.

Please have a look at our Competitions page for more information:

Until then, enjoy your bridge and we'll be here next month with another edition of Events Focus.

Best regards,

EBU Competitions Department

English Bridge Union

Tel: 01296 317 203/219


English Bridge Union Limited.

Tel. 01296 317200; Fax. 01296 317220

Registered Office: Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8AZ

Registered in England No. 358588



Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:17 BST
Social Media

Did you know that the EBU has a Google+ PageTwitter account and a Facebook group? If you use any of these networks come along and join/follow/circle us



Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 12:21 BST
EBU Blue Point Bridge Holidays for club players

Starting in 2014 the EBU will be offering a selection of mid-week holidays in various parts of England, organised by Bridge Overseas. Blue Point master point awards will be available in all sessions.

These new holidays are aimed at social players, and we suggest that they are most suited to players who are ranked below Regional Master, and whose NGS grading is no higher than a Jack. If you are unsure whether you fall in to this category, please call the EBU Competitions department on 01296 317203 or 01296 317219.

Each hotel has been selected to meet a high specification, and each has excellent facilities, including spas, swimming pools and saunas in all hotels - plus golf, tennis and fishing in some. All venues also offer free parking. Since the holiday and social element of these events is important the aim is to leave an afternoon or two free for venturing out and about in the local area and to enjoy the hotel’s facilities.

Further details can be seen by viewing our poster below. Bookings will be made directly to Bridge Overseas via the Accommodation Booking Service.

Last updated : 29th Apr 2013 16:44 BST
Directors and Officers Insurance
The EBU is constantly striving to provide worthwhile services as economically as possible for our affiliated clubs and we are delighted to announce another MAJOR and extremely valuable benefit.

We have arranged for all of our clubs to benefit from an extension to the EBU’s Directors and Officers insurance from 26th February 2013; this includes all member clubs of the Union and their Committee Members, Directors and Officers.

Last updated : 29th Apr 2013 16:44 BST
Blue Book

The L&E have finished their review of publications and new versions of the Blue Book (replacing Orange and Tangerine) and White Book are available to download or view from this page. Both books are significantly shorter than the previous versions. These regulations apply to all events held on or after August 1st 2013.

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:16 BST
Club Insurance Update
Further to our previous announcement, we have some more information on the club insurance offer. If you would like to proceed, email Karen Durrell. For insurance questions please contact Osbornes directly on 01844 213161.
Last updated : 7th Jun 2011 11:33 BST
Annual Masterpoint Reports
The final totals for 2012 are now ready. You can view all the winners at National, County and Club level at the links below.

Congratulations to John Holland, who wins the 2012 Sunday Telegraph Salver for most masterpoints earned during the year. His score of 32,376 is well ahead of Steve Auchterlonie in second (25,719) and last year's winner Ed Scerri in third (24,114).

David Gold leads the Gold Point list, with 98.44. The previous leader John Holland is close behind in second (95.67) and Chris Jagger is third (79.28). David's total for the year is the highest since the 18 month long 2007 season.

The prizes for all the Club Champions have also been drawn. Robbie Kingston (winner at Chipping Campden BC) was first and wins £400, Maggie Neal (Pinchbeck BC) was second and wins £200 and David Willson (Stowmarket BC) was third with £100.

Congratulations to everybody who won a prize and best of luck to all our members in 2013.

Last updated : 29th Apr 2013 16:44 BST
EBU Annual Report

The English Bridge Union’s first annual report is now available to read. Here you will read about the progress that has been made in taking forward the EBU for the benefit of its members including the activities undertaken by all our departments and national committees in the year 1 April 2011 to 31st March 2012.

• View here

Last updated : 2nd Aug 2013 11:44 BST
Pay To Play Club Help

We've put together a help page and some tutorial videos for club administrators who are looking for a bit of help in using our online Club Management System. As time goes by we'll add common questions to this page and hope it will provide a useful resource.

Last updated : 7th Jun 2011 11:32 BST

The new National Grading Scheme is now up and running and you can look up your own grade, grade history and partnership performance along with the grades of other members. Barry has written a blog on the subject, too.

If you want to send an emailed query please send it to  You will normally not receive a personal response but your query or comment WILL be considered and any response will be included in an “omnibus” response at a future date.

Last updated : 29th Apr 2013 16:45 BST
Welcome to the new English Bridge Union.

We are the governing body for duplicate bridge in England representing communities of bridge players at club, county and national level. We are funded by members for members and the development of duplicate bridge in England.

  • View here for more information on the benifts of membership, and much more..
Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:34 BST
Archive News

Old news items are available on the EBU website

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:20 BST

Do you have some bridge news that you would like to share? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Stockdale, Communications Officer on 01296 317 215 or

Last updated : 10th Oct 2013 11:22 BST