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 2024 April Averages 

Wendy Gee Cup.....Gerard & Keith

 Founders Cup...Diane & Ann

Aylsham Cup.... Jill & Marion (Tony & Pete)


Everyone Welcome.


It was to good to see Diana at the Hol;iday Inn. How thoughtful of Mary to bring her along to our 'Away Days.'


Do you know where Val and Keith are? I wonder if they played Bridge or just held good hands!


Doing Dummy Proud

The Duties of a Dedicated Dummy by NIgel Block.

"Most players believe that being Dummy is rather boring and try to avoid the role as the main duty is to place played cards in the direction of NS or EW depending on who won the trick. However the number of rights and constraints thrust upon you may surprise you. Here are just some of them.

As Dummy you can:

1. Warn any of the players that a quitted card is in the wrong direction, but only if you spot the lapse before the next trick is started.

2. Attempt to prevent Declarer leading from the wrong hand by saying something like, ‘I think you are in Dummy’. However you must not point out the error once a card has been played.

3. Try to prevent a Defender from leading out of turn. Even so you must remain silent once the card has been played.

4. Attempt to warn Declarer of a possible revoke by for example asking, ‘No more spades, partner?’

But what about the limitations placed on Dummy?  Once again here are just a few of them.  During the play of the hand, as Dummy you are not allowed to:

5. Comment on any irregularity committed by any player.

6. Study an opponent’s system card.

7. Say how many tricks have been won or lost.

8. Call the TD on your own initiative.

9. Hover over a card or suit in dummy in anticipation of declarer’s next play.

At the end of the play of the hand as Dummy you may:

10. Draw attention to a perceived irregularity.

Condition 6 is often broken at club level. The danger here is that you may unintentionally be giving unauthorised information (UI) to your partner.

Condition 9 is quite important.  At one time or another, I suspect most of us have committed this offence in an attempt to save time. However it is prohibited under the laws. The TD can award an adjusted score if he/she believes that Dummy was indicating a possible line of play to Declarer.

Technically a procedural penalty against your side is a possibility for disregarding any of the rules, but in club competition the TD would probably just point out your error and take no further action. 

Note: The list above is not exhaustive; full details can be found in Sections 42-43 of the 2017 laws."

Aysham & North Walsham Bridge Circle

Aylsham & North Walsham Bridge Circle was started in 2000 by Ann Melville to introduce her Adult Education students to Duplicate Bridge before playing in other local established clubs. Several bridge players including Janet Bartram, Ray & Yvonne Knott and Steve & Margaret Arrowsmith came along to help with the scoring and running of the sessions. Initially we met on Thursday afternoons, playing a leisurely eighteen boards and receiving various plants, chocolates and pens as prizes. By 2002 the group were able to play more boards per session, we changed to Thursday evenings, joined the EBU and started to issue Master Points.

 In 2003 a second group was formed meeting at Aylsham Lodge Hotel on Monday mornings at 10.00 am. After the initial shock of playing cards on a Monday morning the group grew in size as new students joined from the classes and other more experienced players from the local area rearranged their lives and came to see what we were doing at the Motel on a Monday morning. Most of the visitors  stayed, they were very helpful to the beginners and we now have a group of over a hundred well established  players. Unfortunately we had to leave the Motel in 2007 and move to Banningham Village Hall but after some initial teething problems with the heating system, the refreshments and  car parking it proved to be a popular venue. We now have a lovely tea lady, Diane, who looks after our refreshments at both groups, the heating has improved and we are on the way to resurfacing part of the field behind the hall to use as a car park. Unfortunately we do not have any photographs but  many of us remember the day that we got 'stuck in the mud.'

We have always tried to encourage the social side of the group with trips to Norwich Theatre Royal, Thursford 'Last Night of the Proms', Norwich City College Debut Restaurant and Notcutts Garden Centre.  We have had three long-weekend breaks at Coventry Hilton  at the end of August. This has proved to be very popular with between fifty and sixty members playing Bridge, visiting Coventry Cathedral, going to the muliplex cinema and 'driving each other nuts' with Peter's puzzles.

 During the past eight years we have held several Charity Bridge Drives raising money for Macmillan Nurses, National Heart Foundation, Lupus Research, Air Ambulance and other local charities. We also send money on a regular basis to Lemure Village in Malawi to provide the  children with one free meal each day when they  attend the local school. Sharon, who makes our Birthday cards,  also sends the profit from the cards to Malawi. She has visited the area so has first hand experience of the childrens needs.  In "Fun Stuff" there is a picture of the  "Lemure Village Children" from Malawi.

Our group remains "No Fear" so that we can accomodate future students, less experienced players and "Rubber Bridge" players who might like to try Duplicate Bridge. Players of all abilities are welcome to join us but they must be sympathetic to  less experienced players. The play may be gentler than one might expect to find in a regular Bridge Club.

It is now 2017 and the "Aylsham & North Walsham Bridge Circle" is still meeting twice a week at the Aylsham Lodge Hotel on Monday and Thursday mornings. Not only do we accommodate players new to the game but we also have many mature members who prefer to play in the daytime rather than the evenings. We also have a dining club at the motel on both days where you can have two courses for £5.50 and  a social chat with fellow bridge players.

Starting in 2009 we have had "Away Days" four times each year at the Holiday Inn in Norwich. Between sixteen and twenty tables of Bridge players meeting for a social day out with Bridge, lunch and raffles etc.....(see the many photographs on our website).