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Our commentaries are now used by a few clubs, some of which are close by.
For reasons of security we will no longer be posting them on the website.
Naturally when you have played in a session you will be emailed the commentary that night.
They all use Standard English Acol and are suitable for Second Years+
There are 24 boards each week.
Any club who wishes to use our commentaries should contact me:

More Hosts Please!

Our club is totally unique in that it offers anyone who rocks up to our club a guranteed game.
To enable us to fulfil this valuable commitment we need more volunteer hosts.

We already have a small but commited group of volunteers. We need more to spread the burden.
Identify a Tuesday session in the forthcoming months where you would be able to volunteer and drop a line to our Host Angel


Chief Host Angel !
Chief Host Angel !

Our club has always been a great advocate of 'everyone gets a game'. Just turn up and a partner will be found - every time.
It particularily suits people graduating from courses who have yet to find a regular partner and people new to the area who want to try our club (good choice!)

Our lovely Maureen is our Chief Host Angel.  Her task is to allocate volunteer hosts to session dates.
She looks a bit shocked here actually:-)

Announcing this that and the other
Announcing this that and the other
We have all got used to 'announcing' the range of partners opening bid of 1NT. Now the rules have been extended to announcing the range of the opening bid of 2NT.
Subsequent transfers and Stayman also require an announcement.
Additionally those of us that play 5-card major suit openings, a minor suit opening that could be two cards or fewer should be announced even if it is non-forcing. 
Our Boss with her Boss!
Our Boss with her Boss!

On her birthday Sue played at the club with Barry Capal here being introduced to members by Gail

Look Who's Back!
Look Who's Back!

We were delighted to see Mike D passing through Aylesbury.  While he was here, he made a guest appearance for our Wessex League team, helping us to secure a victory over our friends from Thame.  Sadly, though, only a fleeting visit.

We won the match by 28 IMPs (13.97 - 6.03 VPs).  This was our final match of the campaign, skipper Richard Plummer having squeezed all our matches into the first half of the season.  After a disappointing start to the year, we recovered a little with two wins and a draw from our three home matches.  This leaves us with a final total of just over 50 Victory Points from six matches - not safe from relegation, but our closest rivals have two difficult matches to come, so we should stay in division 4 next year.

The league table can be found here.

Learning Bridge Onboard Adonia
Learning Bridge Onboard Adonia

The card room was full to bursting with people wanting to learn to play bridge. We start them off with minibridge and progress to 'big boy's bridge'. They are obviously grand masters by the time we return to Southampton! 


Stinky cheeses, custard tarts and crispy croissants were purchased at the French Market at Waddesdon Manor on Sunday morning. 
Aylesbury Valers enjoyed a break drinking coffee and eating yummy cakes in the sunshine. Graeme was also there but ended up directing the traffic!
The trip out was part of the Beyond the Vale thing for our members. Bridge gets a bit boring from time to time. It is so nice to do other stuff too.

This is one I made earlier!
This is one I made earlier!

It was twenty years ago this May that Condover Bridge Club in Shropshire was formed with beginners from my class.
It is still going strong.
Members celebrated with a glass of champagne and a lovely birthday cake
President Sue Maxwell (I know!) in a speech toasting the success of the club noted that looking in the archives of The Times
20 years ago the Euro Tunnel opened - Four Weddings and a Funeral was playing at the Odean and Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.
But they omitted the rather more important event of a new bridge club opening in Shropshire.


More Christmas Fun
More Christmas FunJust some of our favourite people at the Christmas party.
Table 10
Table 10Having fun at the Christmas Party
Bridget is Eleven years Old!
Bridget is Eleven years Old!

Many of you will remember lovely Bridget. In fact she was named by student poll. She's just had her eleventh birthday! These days she spends most of her time with Mel and Richard Czpaski although she comes home to her birth mother for her holidays.
Her interests include bird watching, she is an authority on the subject. When she comes to my house she watches football and is an expert at knocking bidding boxes off the card table. She also enjoys eating. Quite accomplished!

Summer Party At Our Club 2013
Summer Party At Our Club 2013

AVB enjoyed lots of good food at the summer bridge party on Tuesday evening. Fifty six people including new graduates and people on courses turned out to play a few hands. The magnificent food was laid on by AVB member Elena.
Other teachers in the area brought along their students to give them some experience of club bridge. Everybody enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and hopefully we shall be seeing the students again in the near future.

Christmas at Aylesbury Vale!
Christmas at Aylesbury Vale!

A magnificent 350 was raised for Save The Children. AVB member Christine Baker, secretary of the local branch of Save the Chidren writes:

"Thank you so much for allowing us to raise money for Save the Children again this year. Once again club members have been so generous in supporting us so please do pass on my very grateful thanks on behalf of Save the Children".
In total yesterday evening's Bridge Christmas Party raised a wonderful 350 which I know will be of vital help to their campaigns to help children around the world and in the UK. With all the violence in Syria and the recent fighting in Gaza funds are having to be stretched harder than ever in helping innocent children caught up in the violence. In the UK the number of families facing poverty in some areas is at a high level and Save the Children are working hard here also"

Watch Out Tessa ........
Watch Out Tessa ........You're not going to hear the last of 64.11% .........
Killing Defence ..
Killing Defence ..Lead the card next to your thumb, Steve
New Friends Past and Present
New Friends Past and Present

It was nice to see so many new faces at our Open Evening. Most are in their early stages of bridge development and still on courses but all agreed that whilst the bridge was a bit scarey - the food and drink that regular members brought was very good indeed! Hats off to mentor/teachers Martin Hilder, Nick Doe, Simon Husband and Abbey Smith for bringing along their proteges and a particular congrats to new player Tanya Guiver for easily coming top. My partner Steve Baker (Yes! Tessa's Other Half)  was no slouch either, scoring 64%