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Our commentaries are now used by a few clubs, some of which are close by.
For reasons of security we will no longer be posting them on the website.
Naturally when you have played in a session you will be emailed the commentary that night.
They all use Standard English Acol and are suitable for Second Years+
There are 24 boards each week.
Any club who wishes to use our commentaries should contact me:

More Hosts Please!

Our club is totally unique in that it offers anyone who rocks up to our club a guranteed game.
To enable us to fulfil this valuable commitment we need more volunteer hosts.

We already have a small but commited group of volunteers. We need more to spread the burden.
Identify a Tuesday session in the forthcoming months where you would be able to volunteer and drop a line to our Host Angel


Chief Host Angel !
Chief Host Angel !

Our club has always been a great advocate of 'everyone gets a game'. Just turn up and a partner will be found - every time.
It particularily suits people graduating from courses who have yet to find a regular partner and people new to the area who want to try our club (good choice!)

Our lovely Maureen is our Chief Host Angel.  Her task is to allocate volunteer hosts to session dates.
She looks a bit shocked here actually:-)

Announcing this that and the other
Announcing this that and the other
We have all got used to 'announcing' the range of partners opening bid of 1NT. Now the rules have been extended to announcing the range of the opening bid of 2NT.
Subsequent transfers and Stayman also require an announcement.
Additionally those of us that play 5-card major suit openings, a minor suit opening that could be two cards or fewer should be announced even if it is non-forcing. 
Welcome to Aylesbury Vale Bridge - More than just a Game
Come and join us!
Come and join us!

We all dress like this at our club. And sit on red chairs obviously.

New to Buckinghamshire and played a bit before?
Or maybe played ages ago and want to get started again.
Or perhaps you play at another local club that plays on a different night

Whatever your reason visit our friendly club. You will be more than welcome.
We meet every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. Town centre location. Bags of parking space.
A partner will be found, no need to pre-book - or bring your own partner.
 EBU affiliated. Instant scoring with hand records.
Our club specialises in newcomers and improvers.

Exclusive!  Commentary of the session's hands by top international player and author Brian Senior (and me!) will be emailed to the players immediately after the session. By the time you get home the commentary will be in your inbox.  The commentary includes suggested auction and some play and defence points on each of the deals.
Contact - and lets see how we can get you started.
 Or just turn up!


We Love Andrew Robson and his Tea Party
We Love Andrew Robson and his Tea Party

Andrew Robson is a columnist for The Times newspaper. He is a top international player. He runs a great bridge club in London.
He does what we do at Aylesbury Vale. He teaches new students then provides a place to play at his club for their onward development and enjoyment.
In a series of articles in The Times, Andrew describes the problem with many bridge clubs. Some of the established players simply cannot help themselves.

Many people fresh from courses find that far from being cherished and made welcome they are the subject of rude, officious, critical and intimidating behaviour. He, like me, despair of this. Having gently nurtured and encouraged new players through sixty hours of learning, to have them disappear after a couple of club sessions to social bridge forever, not to see them again is heart breaking.

Andrew operates what he calls a zero tolerance rule. He says, no bad behaviour is allowed. Ever. That the North/South players should behave as if they are hosting a tea party. A cheery hello when the opposition arrive at the table, a thank you when they depart and a nice cheery smile at all times.

The thing is beginners will alway be a bit slow to begin with. They will fiddle with the bidding box. They will get the odd top board against you using a complete misbid or a bizarre lead.
But at our bridge club, like Andrews' bridge club, where we specialise in evolving beginner's from classroom to clubroom we rely on an especially friendly playing environment to continue our work. And, like Andrew, may find it neccesary from time to time to ask established players to move on for the sake of the bigger picture.


41st best place to live!
41st best place to live!

Aylesbury Vale has been voted the 41st best place to live in the UK.
We have no doubt that our bridge club of the same name has contributed to this bestness.

National Treasure RIP
National Treasure RIP

Tony Priday who died this week was one of the last of the greats. It was such a privilege to spend time with him last year .

Dinner with a national treasure is always a treat. On board ship was Tony Priday and his wife Vivian. We heard great stories of legends such as Stan Stayman and Omar, Reese and Schapiro.

Tony with his wife Vivian beat everyone in sight in the daily duplicate and even gave us all a seminar on hands played. 

I did tell you!
I did tell you!
Bad Weather Cancellations
Bad Weather Cancellations

If the weather is a bit tricky a decision whether the session will be held will be taken no later than 5pm on the day of the session and posted here on the website.

Children in Need Sim Pairs
Children in Need Sim Pairs

This year 2018

We raised £115.00 for CiN

Total by ECATS since 2002

Now over

£1 million 

Farewell Omar
Farewell Omar

Working for the EBU had its very good moments.  This was taken in the late 1990s at the Macallan Pairs in London. I was invited by our Helen Schapiro to join a dinner table with him, Boris and other top players where the language du jour was French!
As it happens school girl french could work out the most common question that evening. 'rouge ou blanc'?

One of the questions I was most asked was 'is Omar really a good player'. The answer to that was yes.

Another legend departs.

Where Do Our Members Live
Where Do Our Members LiveBuckinghamshire - Oxfordshire -Bedfordshire
Aylesbury. Whichurch. Leighton Buzzard. Buckingham. Wendover. Oving. High Wycombe. Chinnor. Long Crendon Haddenham. Berkhamsted. Mentmore. Tring. Monks Risborough. North Marston. Thornborough. Great Kimble. Gawcott. Bicester. Chesham. Gt Missendon. Ibstone. Brill. Bierton. Haydon Hill. Weston Turville. Marsworth. Aston Clinton. Winslow. Cublington. Waddesdon. Gt Brickhill. Steeple Claydon. Little Horwood.

AVB specialises in seminars for coaching groups, clubs and cruise ships. Anything from 2-hour topic sessions to two-day full seminars. The theme for most of the seminars is how to deploy basic systems such as Acol and SAYC more effectively. With the use of projector and screen, complex issues such as responding to partners overcall, handling big hands and deploying barrage bidding properly are made simple and fun. At a recent 2-day seminar in West Wales, Chairman of Haverfordwest Bridge Club Judith Graham-Jones commented

"so many thanks for your wonderful presentation. Everyone was thrilled with it and asking for more! So many complimentary remarks about YOU. The visuals in particular were marvellous and such fun".
A full programme of seminars are booked well into 2014 with Fred.Olsen and P&O cruises. To find out about dates for these cruises or to enquire about a seminar for your club contact
Mini Bridge Booklet
Mini Bridge Booklet

Mini Bridge is a simple intro to the game used by all good teachers. In fact it is a very good game in its own right. Most established bridge authors don't much bother with the subject, preferring to stick to the intricicies of the big game.
Many of the existing publications are joyless and dire.

Very Easy Mini Bridge is a 20 page full colour, spiral bound, laminated publication. As you would expect from this author, it is full of fun, humour and is very, very easy to understand.
This booklet is ideal if you want to teach your children or grandchildren the rudiments of the game. 
Bridge author, Andrew Kambites comments 'this booklet is typical Sue Maxwell - and that is a compliment'
If you would like a copy, email Sue at
20% discount applies to all members present and past of AVB, P&O cruisers and EBUTA teachers.

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Tuesday Pairs
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