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Play this hand 4
Should you hold up?
North is too strong to open 1NT (remember 12-14) straight away so opens his 4-card suit. South has a 4-card major so has an easy bid.  North can now describe his hand and rebid NTs at the first available level to show 15-16 points.  He is also telling partner he does not have four spades but might still have four hearts.  South adds her 10 points to partners 15, arrives at 25 so bids game in NTs. 
Do not even think about bidding 3♣!
How many tricks can you see?
Where will the extra tricks come from?
You have six top tricks, two spades, three diamonds and one club.  Three short.  Extra tricks can be produced from the club suit.  A finesse is available and if it works will produce all three tricks that you need.
What do you know about East's lead of the 6?  We play fourth best usually so it looks like he has three cards higher.  If he has the 2 then he started with a 5-card suit.  Note that you know it can not be a 6-card suit because you have the 3, 4, and 5 between your hand and dummy's hand!  If East has five than West only has three.  This will become relevant in a moment.
The play to the first trick goes East 6, dummy 4, West?  If West plays small you will probably win with the king and try the club finesse by leading the Queen towards dummy.  If it wins you repeat it and make ten tricks for happiness.  If it loses West will cash the A and return his third heart and you are one down.  Unlucky, not much you can do about it.
But you are in with a chance if West wins the first trick with the ace and continues with the 9.  Do not automatically win the king but hold up until the third round of the suit (else the first scenario happens and you go one down).  You must wait until the third round of hearts because if as you suspect West only has a 3-card suit, if he gets in with the ♣K he will not have another heart to return!