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Any member who requires a partner can use 'Whats app'.  There is an help sheet in the left hand side menu to read first.  For more helpcontact paul Merrick -   07979 862896 or email

Convention Cards
What is the Orange Book?

The English Bridge Union regulations are published in the Orange Book.  These apply to EBU competitions but can also be used by any other bridge club or group.

There are three different levels so clubs can choose one to suit their own needs.  

Each club can make its own regulations but most find it much easier to follow the EBU guidance.  Life is simpler if we have one set of rules particularly if players play at more than one club, county events including leagues just or fancy a game when away on holiday.

You must play by the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge but you can draw up your own regulations and still be affiliated to the EBU and still give master points.

Martin Pool
(Ex-Chairman, Laws & Ethics)

To learn more about the regulations 'click here.'  Our first article is based on which hands can be opened 2♣, our strongest bid in the box.

On this page you will find links to various convention cards and the Standard English Acol system file.

The various types of Convention Cards and Editors are listed below.

Blank Cards for personal use

Please note that WORD and RTF files can be edited directly on screen, but PDF files cannot. These have to be printed out and filled in by hand.

Completed cards for personal use

Standard English Acol System Files

Please note that this is a summary of the system - it is not a place to learn how to play. For details of how to learn click here.

Miscellaneous Information