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Using Bridgemates
Using Your Bridgemate Handset


Before Play Starts

PLEASE make sure that you have your Player Number ready to use well before play starts.

The Player Number is either your EBU number or a number allocated to you by the scorer.

The software converts the Player Number to your name. Get it wrong and your name will not appear in the results!

Someone is without a Player Number. If someone is here for the first time please have them acquire, complete and return a Visitors Details Slip to the scorer ASAP. If the visitor does not know their EBU number the slip will be returned with a Player Number.  New members will be given an EBU number to use as their Player Number if they don’t already have an EBU number.

For anyone without a Player Number when the Bridgemates go live, please enter a zero. This will result in a blank name. So please also be sure to check that a Visitor Details Slip has been submitted.

On most tables N will enter the Player Numbers.  After entering the Player Numbers N should hit the OK key once only.  The Bridgemate will then display the names of the players. If any name is incorrect it is because the N has incorrectly enterd a Player Number.  N should hit the CANCEL key which will return to the previous screen and allow correction of the Player Number.

Half table. If you start sitting at a half table you should just enter your Player Numbers into the Bridgemate.  If it is a Mitchell movement the Bridgemate on the sitout table will not be used again.

At the beginning of each round

The names of the players for each round will be displayed.  N should ensure that the players playing EW are those actually arriving at the table. N should press OK and the second line of the display will show the prompt 'BOARD:' The numbers of the boards and the pair numbers are displayed on the the first line.  N should check the boards to be played correspond to the board number on the Bridgemate.

Beware of the ACCEPT button

Don’t press the ACCEPT button unless you really mean to:  it’s like sending an email, there is no way back so PLEASE CHECK VERY CAREFULLY before pressing the ACCEPT button!

Note: until you press ACCEPT you can usually go back by using the CANCEL key. So to correct a mistake just press CANCEL as many times as you wish until you have arrived at whatever you want to change.

North Enters the Board Number, Contract, Lead, Result and East Confirms

  1. Enter the Board number and OK it.
  2. Enter the contract (PASS is passed out, X is double, XX is redouble and 0 is not played) and identify the declarer as N/S/E/W.
  3. Once you have played the hand enter the Lead.
  4. Enter the Result (=,+1,+2,-1,-2 etc) and press OK.

Confirmation by East or West The display now reads “VERIFICATION BY EAST OR WEST” and after a short pause displays the complete result and score.  East or West should check carefully before pressing ACCEPT.

Until East has verified the result with ACCEPT you can use CANCEL to go back and edit.

Should you confirm the wrong result, don’t worry – simply fill in an Error Correction Slip and give it to the Scorer.

Boards Not Played or Passed Out

  • When a board was not played you should enter the contract as 0/zero.
  • When a board was passed out you should enter the contract as “PASS”.

At the end of the session

After entering the score at the end of the last round an END OF SESSION message will appear. Press the function button under the RANK text to display a screen showing the ranking and percentage of the players in the last round. This will only be approximate if there are still players on other tables who have not entered their scores.