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Life Master Rank Changes

Nettie White          Life Master

Norm Rosenstein             Gold

Elaine Colokathis    Life Master

Richard Maybin         Emerald

Simon Sellers                 Gold

Julie Wilcox        LM & Bronze

Allen Shifley                  Ruby 

eMail Trouble Shooting
eMail Trouble Shooting

If you are not recieving email from us, the first thing to do is check the status of your email address.
Click the link above, enter your email address in the box and then click check.
Hopefully that will yeild instructions on what can be done to solve the issue.

*NOTE: If your email address domain name is (ends in):

*Chances are we will not be able to fix the issues with sending you e-mail. These providers long gave up on supporting modern day spam avoidance systems and often times think our email is spam. It is suggested you contact us to talk about alternatives.