Phone Number

(828) 900-1300

Release 2.19q


Life Master Rank Changes

Nettie White          Life Master

Norm Rosenstein             Gold

Elaine Colokathis    Life Master

Richard Maybin         Emerald

Simon Sellers                 Gold

Julie Wilcox        LM & Bronze

Allen Shifley                  Ruby 

Pre-Paid Game Punch Cards
Bakers Dozen Pre-Paid Punch Cards

* * * TERMS & CONDITIONS * * *
Use of card requires proof of vaccination and membership dues paid in full.  If you are not a member, you may join for $1, payable no later then time of first card punch. This card is an alternative to paying cash and helps speed up the check-in process. Cash is still accepted.

Thirteen games for the price of twelve. Punch cards are available at the game check-in table for $96. Please make checks payable to Asheville Bridge Room or pay in cash.

(Credit cards are no longer accepted for punch cards.)