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Release 2.19p
NAP Qualifiers

As of 8/1/21
Explanation and details below Qualifier List

Banta Edward A
Barnes Patrick A
Barnhill Brenda B
Berkowitz Howard A
Bitter Mary Gladys B
Boswinkel Kris A
Bryant Lisa A
Bryant Vincent A
Campbell Harold A
Campbell Patricia A
Cassel Sylvia A
Challen Diane C
Champion Jane A
Charlton Ellie B
Church Carol A
Colokathis Elaine A
Covey Gayle A
Covington Jane A
Curtis Barry A
Curtis Linda A
Davis Robert A
Devico Steven A
Dickinson Candace B
Dimitrijevich Michaelann A
Dover Sandi A
Dow Wayne A
Dupree Gloria C
Durham Susan A
E Margaret C
Elliott Carolyn A
Euler Ed A
Ford Mary Park A
Friedel Jonathan A
Frost Nicholas A
Garroway Neil A
Grosh Elliott A
Hall Bert A
Hansen Dee Ann A
Hawley Kaia A
Heppe Christopher A
Hibshman Doug A
Hirst Neill A
Jones Ann C
Lehrer Barbara A
Lehrer Dave A
Levinson Ernest A
Lilenfeld Barbara A
Manow Sarah A
Manow Stan A
Marmo Nikki A
Marshall Nancy A
McBride Ann-Marie A
Milton Tom B
Mosheim Marion A
Mosheim Peter A
Nolte Christine B
Norman Bennie C
Osada Catherine A
Osada Edward A
Palmeri Russ C
Patterson M 'Peg' A
Randby Mary C
Rardin Shirley C
Reddick Beverly B
Rich Rob A
Robertson Virginia A
Rosenstein Norman A
Saenger Kay C
Sanow Ray A
Schoen Myra C
Schoen Peter A
Sellers Simon A
Sharp Sandor A
Shaw Max A
Shifley Allen A
Smith Gretchen A
Stryker Cathy A
Sudock Toni A
Swaringen Kathryn A
Thomas James A
Tierney Nathan C
Ward Bob A
Watters Barrie A
Weinerman Lloyd A
Westervelt Paul A
White Nettie Marie B
Wilcox Julie A
Wilcox Lee A
Woodard Gail C
Yurchenco Kathy A




A: Open to any player, B: 02500, and C: Non Life Master < 500 as of the June 2021 masterpoint cycle. The June 2021 masterpoint cycle is run by ACBL data processing on May 6, 2021. Any points won but not included in this cycle do not affect masterpoint eligibility. ACBL Conditions of Contest and Appendices are part of the District 7 Conditions of Contest as published in the Bulletin and/or the ACBL Website.

Flight A: Open

District Final will be held in Spartanburg, SC, Saturday, November 21, 2021, 10:00 and 2:30 p.m.
National Final in Reno, NV, Spring NABC Wednesday and Thursday, March 9-10, 2022 (dates subject to change). The top three highest overall percentage pairs will qualify for the NABC NAP Finals. District Final participation and table counts will determine if a fourth pair will also be selected.

Flight B: 02500
District Final will be held in Spartanburg, SC, Sunday, November 22, 2021, 9:30 a.m. and TBA. Flight B players remain eligible to enter Flight A District Competition. The top four pairs in Flight B and C will receive an invitation to the NABC Final in Reno, NV, Saturday and Sunday, March 1920, 2022 (dates subject to change). 

Flight C: Non Life Master <500
You may play in exactly 1 of the 4 split sites of your choice:

10:00am & TBA, Thurs, Oct 14 Winston-Salem, NC

10:00 am & 2:00pm, Sat, Nov 6, Charleston, SC

10:00 am & 2:15pm, Sat, Nov 13 Knoxville, TN

1:00 & 7pm, Sat, Nov 21 - Spartanburg, SC

Top C pair at each of the four sites guaranteed entry to the NABC final. If a pair in flight C drops out, the pair from all 4 combined sites with the highest percentage will attend the Nationals and this will repeat if additional pair (s) drop out.

Flight C players remain eligible to enter Flight A or B District competition. Flight B players are eligible to enter Flight A competition.