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Know the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge
Know the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge

B. Extraneous Information from Partner

1. Any extraneous information from partner that might suggest a call or play is unauthorized. This includes remarks, questions, replies to questions, unexpected alerts or failures to alert, unmistakable hesitation, unwonted speed, special emphasis, tone, gesture, movement or mannerism.

  1. When a player considers that an opponent has made such information available and that damage could well result he may Call the Director or announce that he reserves the right to summon the Director later.

Silent Auction Prizes!
Silent Auction Prizes

Item #1: It's a Bent Bucket Auction! This fabulous Auburn bucket has slight bends at the edges, but they certainly don't take away from it's Pizazz! Use this at your tailgate or for Thanksgiving. Place a mum or two in the bucket and Voir La! Included in this auction are all the items you need for your tailgate: Auburn napkins, styrofoam cups, an Auburn tag for your car, shakers, and a fabulous Auburn bow. Bidding on this item starts at only $35!


Item #2: This the the Tigers Way auction item. This collection includes a navy canvas bags with double handles that can be used to carry your items to and from your tailgate or your car! You'll also find Auburn shakers, tablecloth, cups, cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, and hand towels! There is a sign post for renaming your street. Included is also a wonderful dip bowl with spoon and a two-piece serving dish that keeps your items cool. What could be better? If you watch the game at home, there's a big popcorn bowl for your snacks. You'll also receive a nice bar of pumpkin spice soap. Bidding for this item starts at only #30.

More to come!!

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