Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club
Release 2.19n
Know the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge
Know the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge

B. Extraneous Information from Partner

1. Any extraneous information from partner that might suggest a call or play is unauthorized. This includes remarks, questions, replies to questions, unexpected alerts or failures to alert, unmistakable hesitation, unwonted speed, special emphasis, tone, gesture, movement or mannerism.

  1. When a player considers that an opponent has made such information available and that damage could well result he may Call the Director or announce that he reserves the right to summon the Director later.

Welcome to Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club
Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club says War Eagle!
Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club says War Eagle!

Welcome to the Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club on the Loveliest Village on the Plains. We play three sanctioned games each week Mondays and Thursdays at 12:15 and Tuesday at 5:15. We use pre-dealt hands and provide hard copies of the hand records after each game. In addition, there is a link on this website that takes you directly to the resuolts as soon as they are posted!

Grab a partner and join us or contact the President, Larry Stafford or the Club Manger, Faye Whidbee to get a partner. We meet at Frank Brown Recreation Center at 235 Opelika Road in Auburn, Alabama.

Successful Book Drive

Members of the Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club joined forces with Auburn University's chapter of Lambda Sigma to collect, clean and deliver gently used and new books to the Hudson Foundation's Lending Libraries and the Exceptional Foundation. The effort netted over 100 books! Pictured here are members of ADBC, Lambda Sigma, and Paige Swartaentruber, representing the Exceptional Foundation.


Claiming without a Line of Play

If a player claims but does not give an order of play, the ACBL Law stated below notes that a logical order of play would be followed by all parties. Any card from dummy will be played "from the top down," and play cannot include careless or inferior play. BUT, be sure to call the Director to oversee this process if there is any disagreement.

E. Unstated Line of Play

1. The Director shall not accept from claimer any unstated line of play the success of which depends upon finding one opponent rather than the other with a particular card, unless an opponent failed to follow to the suit of that card before the claim was made or would subsequently fail to follow to that suit on any normal21 line of play.

2. The Regulating Authority may specify an order (e.g. “from the top down”) in which the Director shall deem a suit played if this was not clarified in the statement of claim (but always subject to any other requirement of this Law).

21 For the purposes of Laws 70 and 71, “normal” does not include play that would be careless or inferior for the class of player involved.


October 2, 2023
Bridge at 12:15
Frank Brown 12:15
Director: Jean Paul Nicol
October 3, 2023
Bridge at 5:15
Frank Brown 5:15
Director: Jean Paul Nicol
October 5, 2023
Bridge at 12:15
Frank Brown 12:15
Director: Larry or Kay
Tailgate Success!

Once again the Auburn Duplicate Bridge Club outdid itself with a wonderful Tailgate Party! Wow, what a great turnout with seven tables. And what about those prizes! Thanks to Jarrett Jones for the fabulous bar-b-que!

See the Picture Gallery for all the great pictures from the Party. A huge thanks to Mossholder & Associates for the pictures.



Mark Your Calendar!

IMP game coming up on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, October 25th! 


STaC Games the week of December 11 - 17th!