Release 2.19p

This feature allows you to view and manage your Attendance & Payment information

First you will need to setup and/or check the options for this module

  1. Especially you will need to set the "Start" and "Current" period.
    • The "Start" period indicates the first period that you would like to analyse and manage
    • The "Current" period will initially be the same then move on each month and is usually the previous "Full" month.
    • The "Selected" period will initially be the same, but allow you to change this to view past periods.
  2. You can set the default Fee for each session
    • This can be individually set for each Session if different once you have set the default
    • You can set a different fee for "Visitors" and a "Reduced Rate". This will be used if the Members "Pay Status" is set to "Visitor Rate" or "Reduced Rate" accordingly
  3. The limits are used for Reporting purposes and giving players a "Payment Status"
  4. Important, you will need to choose how you identify "Players" in your payment system,
    • Usually it will be by "EBU" no.
    • You may have set up Online Banking with "ClubId" as the reference
    • Your payment system may report by Email
    • You may asked your players to use Online Banking and use Name  as reference
    • Or you can use a separate "Pay Reference", but it is not necessary to duplicate the other entries
  5. You can click on a line in the "Summary" or "Players" list to view the detail and then manually override a Players Rate for the Session.

Once you have set up the options, Bridgewebs will automatically scan all uploaded results for the periods chosen and you can view the current status of the Attendance module.

Next, you will need to ensure that your Membership database is set up with the appropriate references.

  • If one Player pays for another Player, then you can set their  "Paid by Partner Reference" to the Pay Reference of the partner.
  • This applies whatever field you use to match payments e.g. If you use the EBU Number, e.g. Mary pays for John
Name1 Name2 EBU Paid by Partner Reference
John Jones 277288 672772
Mary Jones 672772  

Finally, you can "Upload" csv format payment files received from your banking organisation.

Use the [Browse] (may be different words depending on Browser) buttons to find the file and [Open]
Once you have opened and uploaded the file, Bridgewebs will allow you to match which columns on the import file match to the required Bridgewebs fields.

  • Bridgewebs requires 3 bits of information (fields), Date, Pay reference, Amount
  • You can set the columns to match Bridgewebs fields and others will be ignored
  • Bridgewebs will validate the data and match the payment reference to the Membership database

You can also upload other files such as Subscriptions or Adjustments( Debit or Credit)

CSV File from Banking Organisation

We have found that Csv files from Banks tend to group all references into one Description field, separated by a ','. e.g.

Bridgewebs will try EACH element in the Description field to match to your chosen Member Reference field
You can set your options with prefixes to ignore in the matching process, e.g. EBU,REALBRIDGE

Date Type Description Value Balance
08/12/2020 BAC 'MRS SHEILA JONES, EBU 12345 , FP 08/12/20 1555 , 00156522632BFRVGYQ 20.00 420.00
07/12/2020 TFR '03DEC019 00040 , REALBRIDG 617711 , PAID WITH RECOUR , SE , CHQ NEGOTIATION 16.00 400.00


As an alternative, you could set the Pay Reference field on the Membership to the Reference provided by the player, but you will need to do this for all players.