Release 2.19q

You can upload a csv file, such as a Bank statement or manual adjustments
These are then included in the Attendance Module as credits/debits as appropriate.
Please ensure that the Amounts are all Positive (no sign) and then specify how Bridgewebs should treat the Amounts 

You can try an "Import" here and if you later find you do want to include it or want to try again
go to "Summary" Tab and delete it. Bridgewebs will attempt to extract any pay reference from a Bank csv file.

Please Ensure you have a first Header Line, such as "Date,Name,Amount" to describe your input file.
The columns can be in any order and unused columns will be ignored
Bridgewebs will check the first line of the csv (column title line) and allow you to choose the matching column

  • Date - You can choose which column and format of the "Transaction Date"
  • Payref - Choose which column and what field to match with Membership database
  • Amount - Choose which column