Release 2.19q

Shows a summary of all "Balances" and "Transfers" plus "Session", "Import" and 'Online" transactions  for the selected period

  • You can set the fee (cost) for a session if it varies from the standard and click [Save]
  • Click on a line to view details of the particular Transactions
    • Using the PopUp, The Session Fee can be set to Free or None or NC to omit from calculation 
    • Using the PopUp, you can Adjust the amount for an Import and click [Save]
  • Any "Import" batch will be shown against the imported date of the Transactions
  • Any "Online" batch will be shown against the Online Input date of the Transactions
  • If you make a mistake, you can delete an "Import" or "Online" batch
  • The Fee can also be individually set on Calendar Entries via the Calendar including entries in the future