Release 2.19p

Update 17th February 2022

A number of changes have been made to improve reconciliation of the Attendance Module

  • Correction to show players with Nil Balance as Nil
  • Any changes to the details in the Membership database payment related statuses only apply for the current period.
  • To change any status for just one month, from the Player Tab, click on the player and adjust and Save there. 


Update 11th May 2021

These further changes are mainly to the databases and underlying software to improve checks for variations of names, aliases etc. We have found that with the RealBridge Login and Bridgewebs trying to resolve invalid names, mistakes can be made by players either way, especially where they share a computer. Now that RealBridge uses Cookies to remember both the Name and Id, a player using a shared computer has to be careful to change both Name and ID Number. So we have dropped any automatic checks and allow you to verify and amend the names

In particular

  • There is a new [Name Check] Tab which can be used to view and update variations in Players Names
  • The previous equivalent in Adjustments has been dropped.
  • The option to change the "Paid By" in the Summary Session Popup has been changed to use a name and extended to all Members picked up by the Attendance module. 

Update 12th April 2021

These changes are mainly to the databases and underlying software to improve checks for variations of names, aliases etc. In particular

  • Recording of Bridgewebs id rather than membership name in attendance databases to allow change of names and aliases at a later stage
  • Restriction to "Pay by Partner" only allowed to Debit transactions
  • Debit/Credit transfer correctly assigned
  • Extension of "Pay by Partner" to full list of members in Summary "Popup" display

There have been a number of technical changes behind the scenes in the software and databases to handle the changes in this release.
Bridgewebs should automatically update all the records. If you have any issues, please use the "Administration Support Request" to report these.

Update 24th March 2021

A new "Online" Tab has been introduced to allow you to create a "Batch" of Transactions directly through the "Attendance Module" providing a similar method to using an Import.
The "Imports" Tab has been removed and you can see and do the same in the "Summary" Tab
The "Upload" Tab has been renamed to "Import" Tab
The "Paid By Partner" feature has been extended to allow this to be set in the Session and/or the Membership


  • You can now specify the End date for a "Paid By Partner" reference
  • Use the 3 Bars Icon to individualize the columns on the "Members" Tab or "Online" Tab Member List. This will be remembered
  • Bridgewebs sets the Member payment status to "Underpaid" or "Overpaid". You can set the "Text"  to use for this in the "Options Tab. The word "Due" has been dropped
  • The Email "Paid Status"  Selection now includes a Nil selection.
  • The "Members Only" "Payments" Tab will show the latest N months, with an option to increase to 12. The number N of months can now be changed in the Options Tab, default 3.
  • The "Summary" Tab now includes total columns for each type of  "Import" or "Online" transactions.

Online Tab

  • The "Online" Tab allows you to create a Batch of transactions to mirror what can be achieved in an Import.
  • You can enter the Header detail:- Transaction "Type", "Description", "Date" and "Amount"
  • Then select entries from the Membership List
    • Tick Members and the Transaction Amount will be applied to each Member
    • Enter an Amount for each Member to be selected

Summary Popup Tab

  • The Session "Popup" detail Tab now allows you to set or change the "Paid By" reference.
  • To remove a "Paid By" set the value to Self..
  • NOTE: You can amend the amount in "Import" or "Online" transactions

Update 16th February 2021

A number of changes have been implemented


  • All Lists will be in Surname or Date sequence as appropriate
  • All lists will show the name in separate columns, First Name, Surname plus EBU, Club Id and "Payment Reference" as appropriate
  • An extra option "RealBridge Session Id Number" which can be set to "EBU" or "Club Id" for cross checking Player Names.
  • The Imported transactions can be viewed via the Summary Tab
  • The module will ignore any data prior to the "Start Period". Once set, this should never be change.

Summary Tab

  • The Summary Tab now shows the summary grouped by "Balances", "Sessions", "Imports", "Transfers"
  • For Imports, this is the "Import Date" rather than the "Transaction Date"
  • Summary Tab Popup
    • Shows "Transaction Date" of Import
    • You can now adjust import values as well as Session fees

Player Tab

  • The Player Tab has additional columns
  • Players with no "Payment" transactions are ignored
  • Player Tab Popup
    • There is an extra button to [View] the "Player Statement" as a Player would see it.


  • You will first be asked to confirm what type of File is being upload
  • Choose the file
  • Enter a "Transaction" description for the file
  • OR include a "Description" column from the file

Updates at 26th January 2021


  • The Attendance module is available as a WebAdmin option to allow you to select a Member to have access rather than use the Admin password.
  • When used by clubs outside of EBU, the label EBU will be changed as appropriate e.g. ACBL, SBU
  • The National Id No (EBU) shows in the Player List

Updates at 13th January 2021


  • The separate Year and Month selections are now combined into a single "Year - Month" selection to minimise errors.
  • For adjustment Uploads, you can now upload a fourth field with a description for each line, rather than a description just for the whole file
  • Bridgewebs now cross checks both Name and EBU number to the Membership database and shows Mismatched EBU Numbers.
  • Aliases are taken into consideration before the Crosscheck.
  • Some improvements to the Display

Updates at 6th January 2021

Member Only

  • A number of changes to layout and style
  • A extra option in Attendance - [Options] "Live/Test" to show a Warning Message
  • A Box showing latest Balance a Red or Green box
  • The Email link and the Member Only [Payments] Tab now use the same style


  • The can use Click (no longer Double Click) on an entry in the Summary or Player lists to view the detail
  • The Summary now Includes 3 Fee Rates
  • You can now click on a line in a Session or Player List and manually override the Fee for an individual player, e.g Free. The change will be reflected both ways
  • The pay status has been extended to "Standard Rate", "Visitor Rate", "Reduced Rate" and "Free" 
    • If you change the status on a Member, that will apply for all sessions 
    • You can override the defaults for any session
  • To allow a Players Fees to be paid by another, enter the "Pay Ref" in a New Field "Paid by Partner Reference"
  • The [Notes] Tab has been changed to [Adjustments] and shows details of any Adjustments.


  • Provide a Description for the file used instead of default e.g. "Payment" used on each Transaction


  • The "Email" option is the same as the "Membership" "Email Members" with Limited options.
  • Bridgewebs looks for the first template with a title including the word "Attendance"
  • There is an extra Button to allow you to change the default Attendance Template an [Save] of the default "Attendance" Template
  • There is an extra Button to [Preview] the message
  • If you want further templates, use the "Membership" - "Email Members"