Release 2.19q


The club will need to arrange for your players to pay the club for the sessions paid. There are several ways of players paying

  • Online Banking
  • Using a Payment Button such as PayPal
  • by Cheque/Cash

With the electronic methods, you will need to log into your appropriate Banking organisation  and obtain an export file suitable for import into the "Attendance" module.
For cheque or cash, you will need to create a suitable file for import into the "Attendance" module. You can do this as frequently as you like, but weekly is the most usual.

Import File.

An import file should be a text based file, usually csv (Comma Separated Values) with a Title line describing each column e.g. Date,Reference,Amount.....
These can usually be opened in Spreadsheet software on your PC and you may need to do this to adjust the file in some way,
but the "Attendance" module will try and read the file direct from your Bank

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bridgewebs is not Financially Approved to process payments on behalf of a club.
Also the club MUST NOT store Financial information, such as Bank Account Numbers or Credit Card Information on the Membership Database. 
Payment Buttons provided by e.g. PayPal can be added to one of your Web Pages, but these are separate to Bridgewebs and no Financial information is recorded within Bridgewebs.