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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Touching the the cards of any other player is illegal at any time. Many players believe you can take them out and look at them if you ask the player's permission: this is incorrect.  Not withstanding this it is unsporting not to allow your partner or opposition to see what was in your hand.
Last updated : 22nd Feb 2012 15:16 GMT
You and your partner should have a good system for making LEADS to ensure you have the best opportunity to defeat a contract.  It is a great way to pass information  - legally - to your partner.

Last updated : 22nd Feb 2012 15:20 GMT
When you are void in a suit you should indicate to your partner what suit you would like him to LEAD by making a particular DISCARD.  You should also be aware of what information is being transferred by your opponents from their DISCARD system. Never be afraid to ask!!
Why not investigate the different systems available such as REVOLVING, McKENNEY ++ others
Last updated : 22nd Feb 2012 15:21 GMT
The Laws say clearly that you place a card on the table to play it. Anyone who holds them in the air is not only following the rules but could be considerd discourteous as it sometimes makes it difficult to see.  
Last updated : 22nd Feb 2012 15:21 GMT
If the there is a LEAD out of TURN call the Director.
Generally the options for the DECLARER will be.
1.  Declarer can opt to be the dummy and play continues as normal.
2.  Declarer can ask that the LHO person leads, and the he leads the suit originally tabled.
3.  Declarer can ask the the LHO person leads and that he MUST NOT lead the suit originally tabled.
4.  The card initially tabled becomes a PENALTY card and must be played at the first legal opportunity.

Last updated : 22nd Feb 2012 15:22 GMT

Tytherington Bridge Club currently have two teams playing in the Manchester Bridge League - currently on-line via BBO. 

If you are interested in learning more about playing in the Manchester Bridge League please ask Ken Ward or Andy Phillips.  

Playing in the league can be challenging but it is a great experience. You will meet some nice people and you will learn more about other conventions that clubs play. 

If you win - happy faces / If you loose - happy faces. Well it is just a game! 

Last updated : 18th May 2022 20:30 BST
ETIQUETTE #3 - Bad Behaviour

The following is in no way criticising anybody currently at the Tytherington Bridge Club. It does however inform you of what is considered to be courteous behaviour:-
- Greeting each other prior to start of each round
- Being a 'good' host or 'guest' at the table
- Giving credit when opponents make a good bid or play
- Ensuring mobile phone is switched off
- Not gloating over good results
- Not giving aggressive criticism to partner 
- Not objecting to the Director being called or arguing with the Director.

Enjoy your Bridge - that is most important

Last updated : 8th Jun 2022 09:57 BST