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Phone - 01372 815162 - or email John Cumming ( for details of the upcoming term.

The Night of the Stars

The auction for the Night of the Stars took place at Richmond Bridge Club in November and early next year the big event is again at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in February.  John Cumming will be playing with Thor Eric Hoftaniska.  Fantastic!!

Leatherhead Bridge Club Appoints Bridge Teacher
ABC is pleased to announce that John Cumming has been appointed as choice teacher to the club.  New members and players seeking advancement will be referred to John.  Where particular needs are identified beyond ABC's immediate calander or expertise referral to other teachers in Surrey will be possible.  However, as first choice, ABC will make every endevour to meet the teaching requirement within the Leatherhead area.
Last updated : 3rd Aug 2011 16:42 GMT
Anna & Brian's Christmas Slam
Anna & Brian's Christmas Slam

Christmas came early for Anna and Brian this year at the Christmas party.  This was their hand.  Anna opened 1 spade and Brian, having over 10 points, was able to go to 2 diamonds.  Anna's hand was nice but Brian to take the bull by the horns.  After the repeated spade bid from Anna, his spade support was priceless.  He could therefore bid a Blackwood 4NT asking for Aces.  Anna responds 5 hearts and Brian can see immediately that there is one Ace loser.  He therefore bids just 6 spades.

Denis led four highest from his heart suit but Anna played dummy's ace and this dropped Yvonne's singleton king.  Gotta have some luck in this game!!  The king being singleton did not help one jot as when Yvonne regained the lead with her diamond ace a return of the suit proved impossible and it was then impossible to set the contract.

Well done Anna and Brian - happy Christmas.

Last updated : 17th Dec 2010 11:41 GMT
Jane & Derek's Christmas Slam
Jane & Derek's Christmas Slam

The hand opened 4 diamonds by Derek was raised to 6 diamonds by Jane.  A club lead was captured by the Ace and two top spades saw the remaining club losers disappear.  The 3 of diamonds lead was then taken by the East's Ace and a third.  A spade return was now ruffed low in hand and the remaining trumps drawn.  Play on hearts now completed the 12-trick slam.

Or so it should have been until teacher interfered - causing it to go one off.  Sorry Derek.

Last updated : 17th Dec 2010 12:07 GMT

Yes!!  Subsequent to an assessment session at Ashtead Cricket Club, John Cumming, Ashtead Bridge College's teacher obtained accreditation and is now a full member of the English Bridge Union Teacher Association.  The process included a training course at the EBU's headquarters in Aylesbury, several sessions on observing accredited teachers, an assessment from the EBU's training manager and successful completion of a question and answer paper.

Students may now feel secure that systems appropriate to the British Isles will be taught (Acol) and to a suitable level of competance.

In this process particular thanks are due to Wimbledon Bridge Club and their teacher Giorgio Provenza, together with Trumps Bridge Club at Leatherhead, and their teacher Tim Cook, for being so welcoming in allowing lesson observations.

Last updated : 8th Mar 2010 12:50 GMT

Kieran Plays Cards - Kingsize

The Kieran Interview

Kieran, how old are you? -- I'm six.  What school do you go to? -- Barnett Wood Infants School.  And who is your teacher? -- I've actually got three and I'll tell you their names. -- There is Mrs Gregory, Mrs Grant and Mrs Fletcher.  And do you play bridge at school?  -- Not yet and I don't know if I'm going to.  Would you like to learn bridge at school?  -- Maybe I'll learn a little as I do like MatchAttax cards and a bit more.  And when did you start playing cards? -- I really can't remember.  And what card games do you play? -- Top Trumps, MatchAttax and Happy Families - and we like them don't we - he! he!?  And apart from cards what other games do you like? --  I like cars and trains and 'Guess Who'.  Can you tell me, Kieran, which are your favourite cars?  -- I like Lightening McQueen, Chick Hicks and Mack.  So, thank you very much, Kieran, have a nice day.  Bye.

Last updated : 17th Dec 2010 12:07 GMT
QUALIFICATIONS & TEACHER'S CERTIFICATEOn 25th October John Cumming completed teacher training at the English Bridge Union headquarters.
Last updated : 8th Mar 2010 12:32 GMT
Teacher Gains One Star Master Rank
Teacher Gains One Star Master Rank
Last updated : 18th Jan 2010 13:20 GMT