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To access the RealBridge event link click on Calendar and select the relevant date "RealBridge Login"

Please be logged in no later than 10 minutes before the advertised strt time so we can sort the tables, make any announcements and start promptly!

RealBridge support - 020 7272 9664this number can be used until 23:00 every night of the week, including weekends.

Logging on to RealBridge

In the box for Full Name enter your first and second name with a capital letter at the beginning of each name e.g. John Smith not john smith or J smith

In the ID box enter your Club Id e.g. AGBC123 - not your 5/6 digit EBU No.

The system uses cookies to remember what you entered the last time you played on RealBridge (be careful if you previously played at a club which uses EBU no.)


An Enhanced Bridge Experience

RealBridge takes online Bridge to the next level, with built-in Video and Audio, bringing the true face-to-face experience online. There are no Robots involved. The Director can be contacted quickly and can literally “come to the table”.

There is no need to pre-register just click on the Calendar link, click on the relevant RealBridge Login link to the event and enter your real name and Club ID (click here to view) on the login screen and you will be able to join a table. Solo players are most welcome - solos please sit at Table 19 and match yourselves up.

Steve (on behalf of AGBC Committee)