Ashford and District Bridge Club
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President: Colin Harkus - 01932 224313

Secretary: Kate Biggs

Treasurer: Norman Kidd - 07766 006434

Friday partners: Sylvia Gleeson - 01784 460965

No Fears enquiries: Diana Brown - 01784 466493 or 07720 705738

Welcome to Ashford and District Bridge Club Website

Information for all members of Ashford and District Bridge Club

Spelthorne Borough Council has now confirmed that the Fordbridge Centre is to become available again and we have confirmed our bookings for Tuesday and Friday sessions to recommence from:

Tuesday 17th August 2021.

In addition, No Fears sessions will recommence on

Wednesday 18th August 2021

However, organisations booking the hall have had to provide a risk assessment and incorporated in that is the guidance below to which we must adhere.

All members, past members and visitors are welcome so we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Thursday PM sessions continue at Charlton Village Hall, Hetherington Road, Charlton Village commencing at 1pm running until 4pm. These are more relaxed sessions and all are welcome.



  • The Club holds contact data for Members and is required to collect contact data (name, address, telephone no and email address) for all other players. This data will only be used for any Government requirement and the running of the club.
  • Those attending should have received two doses of the Covid Vaccine
  • Face Coverings are no longer required but if anyone attending wishes to wear a mask they may
  • No one should attend if they are showing any Covid symptoms (loss of taste, smell) or indeed a cough or sore throat.
  • To avoid close congregation of a large number of people, Table Money will no longer be collected on entry. Just take a seat at one of the vacant tables, which will be well separated as previously.  Someone will collect the money from each table during the evening, so please try to bring the correct money.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided at each table as well as anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Every effort will be made to keep windows and doors open to improve ventilation, even if this means having to wear additional clothing when the temperature is lower
  • If any member of an attendee’s household is currently testing positive for Covid -  they should not attend.
  • Refreshments, as before, are provided free of additional charge but each attendee will be responsible for the cleanliness of any cups, mugs or other utensils used.
  • In general, all attendees are required to act in a manner, well established over the past 15 months, in order to mitigate against spread of the disease
  • At the end of each evening members of the Club will attempt to ensure that Tables used and the kitchen area are wiped down with an anti-bacterial spray

Welcome to Ashford and District Bridge Club, reputedly the oldest bridge club in Britain.

The aim of the club is to play and promote competitive duplicate bridge in a friendly environment in accordance with the rules of the EBU.

We play Duplicate Bridge every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7.30 pm and 'No Fear' evenings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month (see box below for further detail)

Our venue is the Fordbridge Centre, Fordbridge Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 2PU.

We welcome new players, so feel free to come along!

Starting Play on Time

As you are aware, the Club now uses the Bridgemate system for "live" scoring.

 To allow for the right movement to be set up and a prompt start by 19.30, players should be seated by no later than 19.20

Late arrivals after that may have to be turned away.

Thank you for your consideration


No Fear Evenings
No Fear Evenings

"No Fear" bridge evenings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month starting at 19.30

Beginners and "Returners" are very welcome, with help and advice on the bidding and play readily available.

Partners are not needed as there are always "helpers" at hand who are happy to play bridge with you.

Please feel free to come along and give it a try - bridge is a great game for all.


Thursday PM
Scorer: Michael Burgess
Thursday PM
Scorer: Michael Burgess
Scorer: Bridgemate
Scorer: Bridgemate
Scorer: Bridgemate
No Fears
Scorer: Bridgemate
Scorer: Bridgemate
Scorer: Bridgemate