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Play Online!

Are you ready to play duplicate bridge with people you already know from the Asheville Bridge Room and Grand Slam JCC?

If so, we have the answer for you. We will hold a game on Bridge Base Online at 12:35 pm most days for those that regularly play at the ABR or Grand Slam JCC. Check the calendar for game days.  To participate in this game, you must be a registered BBO player.

If you are not already a BBO registered player, sign up on BBO ( ) and join us in a game at 12:35. We will be glad to help you learn how BBO works. We have a video for you to watch and a few links to look at. To view the helpful information, visit

In order to play in this game, you must RSVP on either the Asheville Bridge Room or Grand Slam JCC website. Visit either site, click on the RSVP button (left top side of menu) and sign up. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Soon after you RSVP you will be sent a short overview of how Clubs on BBO works and info that will help you play a more enjoyable game.

The game is stratified, so no need to worry about being outmatched. We will play at least 18 boards. Game fee is $5.00

If you have any questions, please text them to (828) 484-1352. Please be sure to include your BBO user name in the text message if you have one, otherwise your real name.

You still have chances to play bridge, win black masterpoints and support your local club!  ACBL has partnered with Bridge Base Online (BBO) to offer exclusive online events every day, whether you play solo or as a pair.  There are special daylong tournaments (one each day).  In addition, there is the Support Your Club pairs game.  Cost is $5 and $4 of that goes back to your local club.  A great way to support ABR.  Visit for more information.

Here's the current schedule of these games:
Monday (0-750 MP) 12:35
Tuesday (Open) 12:35
Wednesday (Open) 12:35
Thursday (0-750 MP) 10:35
Friday (Open) 12:35
Saturday (Open) 12:35
Sunday (Open) 12:35