Release 2.19o
Ethics And Conduct Policy

Asheville Bridge Room

  1. Game Directors are responsible for enforcing Zero Tolerance (ZT) and investigating possible player ethics and conduct violations in the playing area from ½ hour prior to game start to ½ hour after game end.  They may impose penalties, including suspension or expulsion from their games.  The ZT Policy and Code of Disciplinary Regulations published by the ACBL shall be used for guidance.  Penalties for cell phone interruption or food at tables during games may also be imposed.
  2. The Game Directors shall keep a log of all ZT and ethical violation allegations, infractions and imposed penalties, including warnings.  These entries shall be made within 24 hours of the incident.  The Ethics Committee will review the log monthly and discuss with the Game Directors the need for any further disciplinary actions, particularly for repeat offenders.
  3. If the review of the log shows there is more than one ZT or ethical violation by the same person in a twelve month period, the Ethics Committee may recommend probation or ABR wide suspension or permanent expulsion to the Board of Directors for action.  The Committee will use the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations, including Section 3, Grounds for Discipline, and Appendix B, Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines, for guidance.
  4. The Board of Directors shall promptly make decisions on any referral from the Ethics Committee under Paragraph 3 above and advise the Committee on the disposition.
  5. Game Directors are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct when directing a game at the ABR.  Complaints about Director behavior before, during, or after their game shall be reported verbally and in writing to the Ethics Committee Chair or, in his absence, a member of the Committee.  If the Committee believes the infraction may have merit, the Committee will refer the matter to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will investigate the allegation and take the necessary action.
  6. Before any disciplinary action is imposed against a player or a Game Director, the Board shall give notice to the player or Game Director and provide an opportunity to address the Board either in person or in writing prior to a decision.
  7. The Ethics Committee, Game Directors, and Board Members will encourage players to report behavior not consistent with the ABR’s Ethics and Conduct Policy.  Players should report problems to the Directors at the time of occurrence so the Directors can make an immediate assessment of the problem.  Directors will, at a minimum, give warnings to the offenders and record the action in the ZT log book.
  8. A copy of the ABR’s Ethics and Conduct Policy shall be posted in the ABR playing area and on the ABR’s website.