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Joan's Milestone
Joan's Milestone

On Friday 29th March we celebrated a fantastic milestone when long time member Joan reached her 95th birthday. Congratulations Joan with many more celebrations to come

Bank Account Details

Ashby Bridge Club bank account details are as follows:

Nat West Bank

Sort Code:       60-01-20

Account no: 47257156

Bridge Playing Accessories

If any members require bridge playing accessories ranging from tables to mugs then click on the EBU web site link below. This is accessible for all players, the prices are very reasonable and it helps the EBU finances

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The Bridgemate scoring system is used at all face to face duplicate sessions. Please remember your EBU number or your Player Identification Number


1980.  David Hutton was elected Chairman.  As had become the custom, a number of teams-of-eight events were held in members' homes during the summer break.  A round of the Gimson Trophy (the county championship for pairs) was held in December.


It was agreed that a number of bodies be approached with a view to finding alternative accommodation.  They included the St Helens Church Parochial Council, the Royal British Legion and the Cricket Club.


As a result of increased College charges, league charges and fees to the EBU and LCBA the AGM agreed to an increased annual subscription of 7.


There was a small loss for the year of 6 leaving a balance of 150.  The A Team was promoted to Division 2.


1981.  Fred Tomlin was elected Treasurer.  The surplus for the year was 107 leaving a balance of 258.  The AGM decided to stay at the College but authorised the Committee to consider another venue if necessary.


The A Team was in Division 3 and the B Team in Division 4.


1982.  David Hutton was elected Chairman and D Evans was elected Secretary.  C Marsh was appointed President.  Elaine Hampton was the A team captain (playing in division 3) and G Arnold was the B team captain (playing in division 4).


1983.  Tom Perry was elected Chairman.  It was agreed that annual subscriptions be reduced to 5.  There was an annual surplus of 151 leaving balances of 553.


1984.  John Weston was elected Treasurer.  Eight new tables were bought.  The loss for the year was 402 leaving a balance of 150.  The annual subscription was increased to 10.50.


Transmitton was the new venue for Monday evenings.


1985.  The club continued to play at Transmitton, on Mondays and at Ivanhoe on Thursdays.  The club competed in the Gimson Trophy and the Josephs Bowl (both are LCBA competitions).


The surplus for the year was 131 leaving a balance of 282.  The annual subscription was increased to 12.50.  The annual dinner was held at the Lyric Rooms.  Andy Woodward was a director at the club.


The club entered a C team in the Leicestershire leagues.  The team captains were A Team - Tony James; BTeam - D Walton; C Team - Margery Hopkinson


1986.  Tony James was elected Chairman, Mike O'Dell elected as Treasurer and Margery Hopkinson elected as Secretary.


Team matches were played at Transmitton.  The A team was promoted to Division 1 under the captaincy of Tony James. 


The annual subscription was reduced to 4 and a table fee of 25p was introduced.  Visitor table fees were increased to 50p.  The surplus for the year was 176 leaving a balance of 458.


A Swiss teams event was run in September.  The annual dinner was held at the Lyric Rooms.


1987.  The three team captains were: A Team - Simon Sparrow; B Team - Bill Hancock; C Team - G Brown.


Thursday evening bridge was moved to the Royal British Legion Club.  The surplus for the year was 279 and the balance was now 738.  The annual dinner was again held at the Lyric Rooms.


1988.  David Hutton was elected Chairman and Carole Whitcher was elected as Secretary.


On Monday evenings the club played at Transmitton and on Thursday evenings at the Royal British Legion Club.  The surplus for the year was 339 and the balance now stood at 1077.


There were only two club teams entered in the leagues.  The RBL Cup was competed for as an individual competition.