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Bank Account Details

Ashby Bridge Club bank account details are as follows:

Nat West Bank

Sort Code:       60-01-20

Account no: 47257156

Bridge Playing Accessories

If any members require bridge playing accessories ranging from tables to mugs then click on the EBU web site link below. This is accessible for all players, the prices are very reasonable and it helps the EBU finances

EBU Shop



The Bridgemate scoring system is used at all face to face duplicate sessions. Please remember your EBU number or your Player Identification Number

Members Training Needs

The club is considering how to develop a training programme for its members. We are under no obligation to do so but have a number of EBU qualified bridge teachers as well as expert and experienced players together with a Mr Bridge seminar presenter. It seems a pity not to use all this talent to not only improve the club and individual performance, its position in the league and other external competitions but also to raise our performance levels to above 50% in NGS(National Grading Scheme) ranking for individual duplicate sessions

Many members already try to improve their play by attending seminars, bridge holidays, reading books and newspaper columns, on line practice and analysis of hands played at the club.  Several members have said that they wish to learn more but are not clear about where they wish to focus their learning or how they wish to learn.  Other people are not interested in further training and are happy to continue their play and this is perfectly acceptable. However, in order to respond to some of the requests we have come up with some suggestions of what we might be able to offer. This is not exhaustive and further ideas are most welcome and it is of courses dependent upon when the Hood is available. However in order to avoid the scattergun effect we are asking you to consider the broad options below  to consider the most suitable for yourself and to complete a questionnaire to ensure that we focus our energies to best use and respond to your needs.


Simple Systems : a guide to playing and bidding conventions. 2 X 2 hr week teaching programme.

Action Learning focus group. This is a self directing self management learning group where we could approximate to team levels. Members research and manage their own topics and share with the group.

Seminars with practice hands focussed around the topics suggested by members. This would probably include some of the DVDs which the club has via Mr Bridge.

Supervised Play Session.  This could run parallel to the Wednesday afternoon session similar to the current practice session but available to other members.

Improvers Programme. This would be a short course 6 -8 weeks focussed around year 2 of EBU bridge and suitable both for the current beginners and other interested club members.

Please complete and submit the survey by clicking on the 'submit' on the bottom RHS of the survey page below to enable the club to assess your needs