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Bank Account Details

Ashby Bridge Club bank account details are as follows:

Nat West Bank

Sort Code:       60-01-20

Account no: 47257156

Bridge Playing Accessories

If any members require bridge playing accessories ranging from tables to mugs then click on the EBU web site link below. This is accessible for all players, the prices are very reasonable and it helps the EBU finances

EBU Shop



The Bridgemate scoring system is used at all face to face duplicate sessions. Please remember your EBU number or your Player Identification Number




We are now playing face to face Duplicate Bridge again together with one session online on BBO every week.

 We will be at the Ashby Leisure Centre on Mondays with an arrival time of 6.45pm for a 7pm start, Wednesdays with an arrival time of 12:45 for a 13:00 start and Fridays for Social Bridge with a 9.30 am start. Thursday evening Duplicate sessions will remain online on BBO for the time being, with a review of the situation at the AGM on 11th July, at which point the committee will decide whether to keep Thursdays online or also bring those sessions back to the Leisure Centre.

Virtual Duplicate Bridge on Thursday Evenings commence at 6.45 pm and to play you need to be a Bridge Base Online member and have informed the club of your username. If you have not signed up already see the details by clicking on the tab 'Bridge Base Online' on the left hand side of this page.  This will tell you how to register and other useful and important information. BBO is the only way you can play online against other Club Members in an Ashby Bridge Club Duplicate session. You will require a partner and if you find this difficult please contact Robert Killip on 07865 398468 who will endeavour to pair you with another member in a similar situation or use the Find a Partner system in Members Only

Once registered on Bridge Base Online email - with your username


Due to technical issues when we tried to run this competition it was abondoned on the night. However the good news is that a new date has been set which is the 6th June 2022. The set up is somewhat different to a normal Duplicate session and to run this successfully and to help the directors all participants must be seated by 6.45pm and any late comers will unfortunately be excluded. There will be no need to pre register as in previous Individual Competitions


Calling all beginners to the world of Bridge. A new course specifically designed for those who have never played Bridge before or have only had a brief introduction to our wonderful game started on 2nd February 2022. If you missed this course you can register for the next event. For more details either email Robert Killip using the link below or phone him on 07865398468. You will not regret it!

In addition Supervised Play began again on 2nd February. All these sessions start at 10am at the Ashby Leisure Centre & Lido



To see last seasons winners Click on Competitions>Last Seasons Competition Winners and Runners Up

Now that the new bridge year is well underway currently with both Face to Face and online Duplicate Bridge, your attention should be drawn to this year's competition dates.

These can be found in the drop down menu under 'Competitions>This Seasons Trophy Winners and Competition Dates' on the LHS of this page and are also shown in the calendar.

The first competition to be played this season was the Criddle Cup which was played on Monday 11th October and was a normal Duplicate event held online using BBO. The winners were Stephanie Woodward partnered by Stuart Rees. With the Christmas competitions being cancelled the next competition was the RBL Cup for individuals  played on 20th January on BBO and won by Brian Woodall. The Jubilee Bowl for pairs played on 24th February was won by Steve Fieldhouse and Robert Killip. The Captains Cup, which was a handicapped event, was won by Steph Woodward and Philip Price. Congratulations to all winners

The competition for the Charlie Hall trophy for Individuals should have been played on the 11th April but due to insurmountable technical issues this was abandoned and replaced with a Duplicate Bridge Session


The Knockout Plate Competition 

The first 3 rounds of the Knockout have now been completed and all results and next round matches can be seen under Competitions>Knockout Draw 2021/2022 on the LHS of this page. Matches can be played Face to Face or online as mutually agreed by both pairs. The winner is determined by the number of points won. The full rules can be found under Competititions>Knockout Rules 2021 Onwards on the LHS of this page 



Calling ALL members of Ashby Bridge Club

 We require volunteers to host on Thursdays on BBO as a pair and on Wednesdays at the Leisure Centre as a single. Please give serious thought to putting your names forward to act as hosts and remember that if you do get to play on Thursdays  it is FREE. Don't just expect someone else to volunteer so don't delay and click on the link below and email your preferred hosting dates.

.........Alternatively fill in the form below and submit



Leicestershire County Bridge Association

Whilst Ashby Bridge Club runs a host of competitions throughout the Bridge season there are also many competitions, sometimes online, run by the Leicestershire County Bridge Association. These can be entered via the LCBA web site by clicking on the link below. Simply fill in the appropriate form and submit. 

LCBA Competitions and Entry Forms


Something Lighthearted!

Most of us will have heard of the 'Rule of 20'. When deciding to open you may do so if the sum of your high card points plus the number of cards in your two longest suits is at least 20.

There is another little known rule of 160! If the ages of your opponents adds up to 160 don't underestimate their ability. 

You must have heard of the 'Rule of Eleven' ...... The inevitable trick total when you bid a slam!

Then there is the bumbling Bridge player who explained to his partner how he was improving his game... " Every night when I go to bed I think about the mistakes I made at the bridge table". "Crikey" said his partner "How do you get any sleep!?"

Testing Your Internet Speed

             To test your internet speed click on the link below and then 'Go'. Ideally you should have above 10mb/s upload and 5mb/s download. Ignore the 'Ping' score     



Recent Master Point Promotions

                      March 2022 Promotions

                     There are no promotions this month

   However the EBU have just added the February promotions

               Margaret Fieldhouse           1 Star Master

               John Collier                          Club Master

              Roger Horsgood                   Local Master

              Tony Longdon                       Club Master

              Helen Smart                          Local Master

              Philip Callaway                     Club Master


                      Full list of promotions can be found Click Here

Committee Meeting

Next meeting  - 27th June 2022

Minutes of all committee meetings can be found by going to Members Only and clicking on Member Notices. Scroll down to the Minutes you require

In addition the Minutes of the 55th AGM held on Monday 12th July, together with the Chair's Report and Treasurers Report can also be found under Member Notices


Wed 25th May 2022
Supervised Play: Declaring Trump Contracts - part 1
Director: Robert M
Thu 26th May 2022
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Bob
Fri 27th May 2022
Social Bridge
Dealer: Ann R &Janet V
Mon 30th May 2022
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Bob
Wed 1st June 2022
Supervised Play: Declaring Trump Contracts - part 2
Director: Robert M
Wed 1st June 2022
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Dora
Thu 2nd June 2022
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Shelagh
Fri 3rd June 2022
Social Bridge
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Ann
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Bob
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Shelagh
Cottage Shield
Director: Bob
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Ann
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Steph
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Robert M
Duplicate Bridge at Leisure Centre
Director: Dora