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Bridge Playing Accessories

If any members require bridge playing accessories ranging from tables to mugs then click on the EBU web site link below. This is accessible for all players, the prices are very reasonable and it helps the EBU finances

EBU Shop



The Bridgemate scoring system is used at all face to face duplicate sessions. Please remember your EBU number or your Player Identification Number

Ashby Bridge Club Pair Win Championship Final


Ashby Pair win LCBA Championship Final

After negotiating the preliminary rounds a magnificent performance from George Strang and Robert Missenden saw them run out winners in the LCBA Club Pairs Championship Final. There were two pivotal boards. The first where an opening of 2NT opposite 9 points, a 6 card heart suit plus a void finished in a successful 6 hearts. No other pair bid to this level. On another board the opposite occurred. George and Robert stopped at 2 hearts whilst nearly every other pair bid to 4 which  was unmakeable. Congratulations to George and Robert and if you want to see the full details of the final click on the link below

            Leicestershire Contract Bridge Association, Leicestershire, England (

Important News for May Duplicate Sessions


  Bridge in May

Following our survey of members it is clear that there are definite preferences for the our Duplicate sessions. In line with these results we will be playing Duplicate Bridge on BBO on Mondays and Thursdays and on RealBridge on Wednesdays. Members can log on to BBO in the usual way and will be charged as normal. The Wednesday sessions on RealBridge will now be £2.00 per session which is the same as our table money if we were playing face to face. This will be invoiced to you by email at the end of June with instructions on how to pay. The next RealBridge session is on Wednesday 12th May commencing at 2pm. We do not need hosts for these events as RealBridge copes with half tables and there are no ROBOTS. You will still require a partner. Click on the link below - Wednesday12thMay - to log in to the session with your name and EBU number and try and be seated by 1.45pm


.           Relaxed Duplicate 

Good news. The Relaxed Duplicate sessions are restarting on RealBridge on Friday 7th May commencing at 10am. Just click on the link below ‘Relaxed7thMay’ and you will be taken straight    to the log in page where you input your name and EBU number and log in. Click on the seat of your choice and wait for the director



 For all aspiring Bridge players the beginners events restart on Wednesday 12th May on RealBridge. Click on the link below 'Beginners12thMay' and log in with your name and EBU number  and you will be taken straight to the tables where you click on a seat of your choice and wait for the director


            Accessing Past Events on RealBridge

 To access past events and find out the bidding sequence for every board for every pair and how that board was played click on the date of that event, shown below, and you will be taken straight to the scores page. Find and click on the Board No required at the bottom of the same screen. Now click on the Contract you wish to view, which is in the 3rd column from the left. The bidding is clearly shown and by clicking on '>' you can see how it was played. The links for the past events will be displayed below for 2 weeks following that event and subsequently in Members Only 



For newcomers to RealBridge or for further information on RealBridge click on the link below

                                                        A Players Guide to RealBridge


 Virtual Duplicate Bridge is played at Ashby Bridge Club on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7pm as well as every Wednesday at 2pm where we play a few less boards with slightly more playing time.To play on Mondays and Thursdays you need to be a Bridge Base Online member and have informed the club of your username - see below. If you have not signed up already see the details by clicking on the tab 'Bridge Base Online' on the left hand side of this page.  This will tell you how to register and other useful and important information. To play on Wednesday afternoons on RealBridge you only need to click the link in the article above, sign in, log in and sit down. BBO and RealBridge are the only ways you can play against other Club Members in an Ashby Bridge Club Duplicate session for the forseeable future. You will require a partner and if you find this difficult please contact Robert Killip on 07865 398468 who will endeavour to pair you with another member in a similar situation or use the Find a Partner system in Members Only

Once registered on Bridge Base Online email - with your username

Something Lighthearted!

Most of us will have heard of the 'Rule of 20'. When deciding to open you may do so if the sum of your high card points plus the number of cards in your two longest suits is at least 20.

There is another little known rule of 160! If the ages of your opponents adds up to 160 don't underestimate their ability. 

Update to :

The KO Plate : OUR 2020/2021 WINNERS : Andy Woodward and Ian Woodward

Reminders :

The COTTAGE SHIELD – OUR “SCRATCH PAIRS” WEDNESDAY 19th MAY – PLEASE NOTE entries by 14th May are needed in order to play on Wednesday




In an exciting final match, going “down to the wire”, a last board vulnerable game play enabled Andy and Ian to finally sneak ahead to overcome Mary D and Alan N - winning by just 140 points.

It does not get closer than that! - (good job we had rules in case of a draw!)

So congratulations to Andy and Ian on winning the KO plate and also to Mary and Alan, so near - bad luck and commiserations.

Note - Both pairs came through playing in all rounds from October 2020 with no 1st round byes and lots of stiff oppostion en route to their final .

THE COTTAGE SHIELD – “SCRATCH PAIRS” WEDNESDAY 19th MAY – PLAYED USING BBO – your entries by 14th MAY are needed to participate

You will all have had a club email detailing the arrangements for our Wednesday club session, our “scratch” pairs event, this summarises/reminds you of how to enter.
The only way to play in our Wednesday 19th May club session is via your entry request for the scratch pairs, please see below.

  1. In order to enter - you need to send your request to me, NO LATER THAN 14th May please and you will receive an acknowledgement.
    This is the only way to play in our club session on Wednesday the 19th - thank you to those that have already done so.

  2. You will then get drawn for a partner - the club email had more details, but I will only be using those entries to make up the necessary draw (for full tables as required by BBO).

  3. Pairing and login/invite details - you will receive details of your partner and the “login and invite” requirements no later than the 17th May to play in what will then be a normal pairs event.

Another good chance to play with a different partner, (probably), though this time for the duration of the afternoon and we will be using BBO and the ABC Basic Bidding System.


Another “interesting” evening for our director, with suprising entrants, no shows, but “director Bob coped”, thanks Bob, and also a thank you to our standby participating host Margaret Shadrack.

ANYWAY …. our clear winner, miles ahead of the field was GEORGE SIWEK with over 70%, in second place with over 61% was KAY DARWIN, so both get a Charlie Hall trophy to show off in due course!

WELL DONE George and Kay

You can find your own results/placement on our website as follows, from our home page “click” on the “Competitions” tab on the left, then “click” on the “Charlie Hall Individual Trophy 15th April 2021” tab for the details.

We cannot get these BBO individual results into Bridgewebs nor EBU results, so they will not count towards any trophies, or NGS ratings.
If you played, you can of course login to BBO to see the more detailed blow by blow bidding/play and comparative details for this tournament.

Please note, for our pairs competitions we cannot orchestrate a single pair winner event via BBO and the results are determined by the highest scoring pairs.



Recent Master Point Promotions

                                April 2021 Promotions

                        There are two promotions this month

                          Kate Collier           Local Master

                          John Cooper         Local Master

                      Full list of promotions can be found Click Here

Committee Meeting

Next virtual meeting  - June 1st 2021

Minutes of all committee meetings can be found by going to Members Only and clicking on Member Notices. Select the Minutes you require


Wed 12th May 2021
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on RealBridge
Director: Dora
Thu 13th May 2021
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Steph
Host: Richard & Margaret
Fri 14th May 2021
Relaxed Virtual Duplicate Bridge on RealBridge
Director: Robert K
Mon 17th May 2021
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Bob
Host: Carol & Averil
Wed 19th May 2021
Virtual Scratch Pairs Bridge on BBO
Director: Bob
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Dora
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Steph
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on RealBridge
Director: Bob
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Shelagh
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Shelagh