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UPDATE: Regional Pairs
UPDATE: Regional Pairs

Regional Pairs

Dear Club Secretaries,
                                      as you know we were due to hold our Regional Pairs next Sunday, 5th December, in the ABCD Bridge Centre, Drogheda, however, with all the warning signs coming from the Health experts at present and having consulted today with the Regional Committee, we are postponing the event until early in the new year (CBAI have given permission this year to hold the Regional Pairs at a later date than normal.)
We do feel that it will be so much better to hold the event 'Live' given that it is a qualifiying event for the National Pairs Championships.
Kind regards,

2021-2022 Club Membership Renewal
2021-2022 Club Membership Renewal

2021-2022 Club Membership Renewal

As the formal Bridge Season started on the 1st September 2021, Membership Fees are now required.

The Ashbourne Bridge Club Committee has decided that the total membership fee for 2021-2022 will be reduced to €20 for this season. This fee includes a €10 affiliation fee due to the CBAI and a €1 affiliation fee due to the North Eastern Region. The CBAI €10 affiliation fee is only available to members who pay before 30th Nov, otherwise a charge of €12.50 per member will be required.

There are 3 ways in which you can pay the €20 fee.

Firstly, members of the Committee will be in attendance in the Ashbourne/Donaghmore GAA club on Tuesday the 2nd Nov, for one hour from 11.00 am to 12:00 and you can bring an envelope with €20 in it to the GAA club on that date. Please put your name and contact number on the front of the envelope.

If you are attending the GAA club on the 2nd Nov, please bring your Covid 19 certificate or proof of recovery from Covid 19 (within the last 6 months) with you. This will enable a member of Committee to update the club’s Covid 19 Vaccination Register and will allow you to play in the Live Games from the 9th Nov.

Secondly, you can pay the €20 directly into the club’s Bank Account in Ashbourne by electronic transfer (NB you must put your name as a reference), and use the following details:

IBAN: IE83 AIBK 9323 9600 4051 89


Thirdly, you can pay the €20 to the Club Treasurer on any club night from the 9th to the 23rd November. Thereafter the fee will be €22.50.

If you chose options 2 or 3 above, you will be required to show your Covid 19 certificate or proof of recovery from Covid 19 (within the last 6 months) on your first night attending the club for live Bridge.

Many thanks

The Committee

New Regional President 2021-2022
Congratulations to Peter Byrne who is now the North Eastern Regional President for 2021-2022. Peter who is taking over from Eileen McEntegart was inaugurated at a zoom meeting of the Regional Executive last Saturday 22nd May 2021.
Peter has asked Kay Goldsworthy to suceed him for the year 2022-2023.
Bridge Promotion

If you are interested in learning the beautiful game of Bridge or in joining a local club

(having previous knowledge of the game), please view the news tab

on the upper left side of the screen.

ABC ETTIQUETTE - please read
ABC ETTIQUETTE - please read

Members are kindly requested to (re)familiarise themselves with Club Ettiquette. Thank you.

Link to document: Update document on ettiquette


Our Treasurer, Aine Connolly, presented the accounts for 2020/2021, which were approved by the Committee.  If you would like a copy of the accounts, please email:

Website update ...

.. photos and news from our last season can be found under either the

Competitions tab or News tab

Local Club Rules
Points notified for the AGM

Members must notify any points they intend to raise at an AGM in advance to the Committee.  This allows the Committee to be prepared for the AGM to save time. It also ensures that those Members who have the courtesy to notify their points are actually allowed time to raise them. The meeting should not exceed half an hour.

Sitting position requests

Members may request to stay seated during play for health reasons. Please remember to advise the TD on the night.

Canvassing in the Club Room

Members are reminded that neither raffle selling nor canvassing are permitted in the Club by Members.  Members wishing to bring attention to raffle tickets may put a notice onto the notice board or approach Members outside the Club Room. Members who are new and not familiar with Club policies are advised to approach a Member of the Committee for clarification. 


Christmas Party - non-members

Members are reminded of the policy, decided at a Committee Meeting, that husbands and wives (or partners) of Members are welcome to join the  Christmas Party each December. The cost will be the full price of the meal & drink (unsubsidised by the Club).

Novices Rule

Novices do not play North/South in their first year (twelve months from first attendance) in the Club.

It has been agreed that Novices have enough pressure on them, playing in a Club environment and learning Bridge. Therefore, when sitting with first year Novices, the experienced Players will take the North/South position. The Club Rule, whereby cards are cut for table position, does not apply to first year Novices. The Committee would like to thank Members for their support on this rule.


Club Draws: The Committee discussed and agreed (13/01/2020) that  all draws in Ashbourne Bridge Club will be “open draws” and that the results will be handicapped.  The Committee also agreed that if Novice Players preferred not to take part in the draw they could play with their regular partner but they would not be eligible to win 1st prize in the competition. 


Visitors on Club Nights

Members are reminded that they are allowed two visitors per year on Club Nights.  Visitors can play on four nights per year on Club Nights. This excludes Summer Bridge from May to August which is open to visitors.

Club Property

Club property: prior written permission from the Secretary is required in order to borrow Club property.  Insurance is a serious issue here so each request will be dealt with on its own merit.

Members should also notify the Committee if they are aware of this rule being broken.