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What are you going to rebid on this hand....

You only have 13 points and no fit in partner's suit....



I think that may be easy enough after all you have six cards and partner should be able to work out your hand....

As Opener you rebid should be prioritised as follows....

1st - Support partner's major at the appropriate level if you have support...

  • here if you had three card heart suit you would have to support partner.... as partner has shown you a five card suit when they respond on the two level in a major....
  • if partner had been able to respond 1 ♥ then you would need four card support...
  • as you don't have three cards in partner's major move on to the next priority.

2nd - Bid your own four card major on the one level if you can.... well we are on the two level at the minute... so we can't bid on the one-level

3rd - Show your partner whether you are balanced or unbalanced....

  • if you have no singleton and at most eight cards in two suits you are balanced and must bid No Trumps at the appropriate level.
    • You are not balanced as you have nine cards or more in two suits you are unbalanced... but if you were 5332 shape you should not show your spade suit again as partner will believe you have a six card suit or sometimes five cards and another four card suit.. 
  • ​Being unbalanced show your partner your other four card suit if you have one and can afford to bid it....
    • ​You need a minimum of 23 combined points to go past the two-level of your opening suit... 
    • say on this hand if you had five spades and four clubs you would not have enough points to bid 3♣ so you will be forced to bid your five card suit now at the two-level
    • Showing your four card suit shows partner nine of your cards so partner is only in the dark about four of your cards
  • ​When you have no other four card suit you show your six card suit at the appropriate level....
    • ​When you bid 2♠ knows you have nine cards in two suits... but will believe you have six spades regardless...
Last updated : 3rd Mar 2014 10:07 GMT
Stayman over 2NT - Marked Finesse

Hand 18 - Tuesday 8th November.


West hasmore than 19 points and must open on the 2 level, 2NT shows 20-22 pointsslightly balanced.

1)    East, with 5 points, has enough for a game but as South might also have4 spades, North explores the spade game via the Stayman 3}.

2)      With both majors, showthe hearts first in reply to Stayman.

3)    East could bid 3[ butthen East would be declarer in 4[. Where possible,prefer to have the strong hand as declarer, since theopening lead into strength is an advantage. Here, if West is declarer, a club or a diamond lead gives West a trick,while the same lead if East is declarer is no help atall.

4)    Stayman followed by aNT rebid over opener's heart reply always promises spades : why else wouldresponder ask for a major? Therefore, where opener hasboth majors, opener will bid spades over partner'srebid in no-trumps.


Lead: ]7.

How do you plan to play the hand?

When you are playing in a trump suit you should first count your possible losers.
On this hand you have 2 or 3 possible losers in spades the King, Jack and Nine.
You also have 1 heart loser the Ace.
One possible diamond loser the Q.
Along with one club loser the K.
That adds up to 5 or 6 possible losers and you can only afford 3 losers.

We should now look at where and how we can reduce these possible losers.
Lets look at Spades - a finesse may well hold losers to just one.
Hearts, there is nothing you can do.
Diamonds, there is a finesse possibility, or perhaps a better option discard a loser on the 3rd heart.
Clubs, there is a finesse position.
Problem: entries to East hand is only the ♠A. So finesses are probably not possible except once.
Solution: We will rely on 1 finesse in spades and throwing a losing diamond on the winning heart.
Losers should then be 1♠, 1and 1♣.

We should all know by now that the way to finesse the spade suit is to play the winning honour first in the hand in which we do not have a finesse position. So first we will play a low spade to the Ace with the intention on playing a low spade back to the ♠10.
When North plays the king, declarershould play South for the remaining spades and lead a spade back and finessethe 8 if South plays the 7.
Next play on hearts and discard adiamond on the 3rd heart, followed by {A, {K and a diamond ruff.
Next comes another spade, finessingthe 10 when East plays the 9 (it does nothelp East to play a higher card at any stage).
Draw East's last trump. Making 11tricks.
(An initial club lead gives declarer 12tricks: win the club, spade to ace, spade finesse, heart to the jack, discard a diamond later on the 3rd round of hearts, andruff a diamond to reach dummy for the 2nd spade finesse).
Last updated : 12th Nov 2011 12:31 GMT
The Magic Of Passing!!! or Bidding!!!
This hand came up on last Tuesday 1st November 2011.

As South you have a decision to make, Partner has shown you 12-14 points with a balanced hand.
You have 6 points and a five card diamond suit. Do you pass or can you bid 2 showing a weak takeout. 

You and your partner are vulnerable, if your partner goes down you will lose 100 per trick they go down.
You know your partnership has a minimum of 18 points so you will go down. If you play in 2 the chances are you may get 2 additional tricks and either make the contract  or just go down 1.

What a hand!!!

If EW can get into the bidding they can make 4 4 or 3NT+1
Let's see what scores may occur.

- 300 when 1NT by North  will be down at a minimum 3
- 100 when 2 by South will make 7 tricks so down 1
- 170 when East is allowed play in either 2 or 3 as they will actually make 10 tricks
- 170 when West is allowed play in either 2 or 3 as they will actually make 10 tricks
- 430 when East or West is allowed play in 3NT as they will make 10 tricks
- 420 when East or West are allowed play in 4 or 4

Interesting if you pass you will lose at least 300, but East West will not be able to get into the bidding.

If you bid 2 your left hand opponent with 11 points should double for take-out, or west will be given the opportunity to bid 2 as East will know they have the majority of the points, and the opponents will perhaps bid on to 4 and you will lose 420.

Those of you who use transfers have passed already and lost 300 on this hand. You will not be happy as you will go down 3 but you have achieved a great score as the opponents have missed game.

Those of you who have bid 2, cross your fingers as the bidding will continue, as the opponents have now been given the opportunity to get into the bidding and could now possibly get to game. You have to hope they will pass 2, or stop at 2 or 2

That is the magic of passing you may well lose but win, and that is the magic of bidding you may well win or lose.
Last updated : 8th Nov 2011 01:09 GMT