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Why an App
Why will an App help instead of just using the web

Almost everyone is now familiar with a PC, certainly if you are reading this. PC stands for Personal Computer and the latest Smartphones and Tablets are the ultimate in PC's.

The programs for PC's all had to work on the PC and mainly hold and use data on the PC. These programs could be split into 2 groups,

  • the "Utility Programs", such as Email, Word Processing, Spreadsheets
  • the "Application Programs" designed for special purposes such as Payroll, Stock Control and of course Bridge Scoring programs etc.

The biggest difference now compared with when PC's were introduced is the network and speed of the network.

So, since the turn of the century, more and more has been moved to the Web were, both the programs to format what you see and the data itself are held with just One Utility program needed on the PC, that is the Browser.  You use the Navigation buttons to download the next page from somewhere in the internet.

Bridgewebs is one of these Web based system has been designed for bridge clubs to easily create web sites showing all the information for a club including Calendar, News, Committee, Results and Ladders. The design of a web site has to be such that it is useful for members and visitors alike.

An "App" is really a Hybrid program and takes advantage of the processing power of the PC or mobile device and the speed and continual availability of the Network. The App, actually short for Application Program, but handy for Apple that is is also short for Apple, is not just the latest craze but an evolution in PC Application Programs. The "App" actually provides the Navigation and formats the screen locally, but looks up data on the web server. An "App" doesn't have to worry about holding and backing up data, it just holds the latest information that it needs in memory for the particular view, otherwise downloads over the net.

The Bridgewebs App takes advantage of this and particularly with regard to the Results. Once you have listed the latest results and "Tapped" on a result, the data is downloaded once and you can move around all the pages of a set of results as fast as you can move your fingers.