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As the App has not been released, this page shows some of the expected "Frequently Asked Questions". Hopefully the App will not crash or hang but with the number of software/hardware versions in use, it is always a possibility.

  Freebie - Why isn't it free?

In recent time, several people had asked whether an App would be available for bridgewebs and I did think long and hard about the merits and otherwise before starting on development. Unlike other Apps which are supported by large organizations or are developed for commercial reasons, there is no personal advantage to bridgewebs in the App, other than using it myself for my own clubs. The small charge is simply to recover some of the several hundreds of pounds needed just to invest in the Apple equipment to develop the App, let alone the time writing the software.

  Club - My Club does not appear in the List of Clubs

There is an option in each Club's web site Administration to restrict the App from accessing club results. This is set to "Restricted" when a "Trial" web site is set up to avoid having clubs in the "Club" list on the App where they are really just trying out/playing with Bridgewebs. This can be turned off at any time, usually when the site goes live. Check with your club why and whether this has been set, probably just an oversight.. If you have access to the Web Admin for the site, you will find this under Settings - Options.

  Club - My app doesn't have my club?

Rather than supply the App with a blank setup, it arrives with a random club. Go to [Clubs] - Alphabetical or Country, choose your own club and set to Yes, then choose the preloaded club and set to No.

  Freezes - My App has frozen?

As well as showing the information on the screen, the App will be downloading information in background. If there is a problem with the network this might pause the download. While the app has been checked for most types of results, there may be a specific combination of scoring options that cause a problem. 

  • Click the iPhone Home key to exit the Bridgewebs App
  • Double Click the iPhone Home key to show "Running Processes"
  • Touch and hold the Bridgewebs App icon until the minus (–) appears
  • Touch the Bridgewebs App icon again to close the Bridgewebs App.
  • Click the iPhone Home key to exit "Running Processes".
  • Try the Bridgewebs App again.

If it freezes again, provide details of the page you were trying to access and the approximate time this happened.

  Crashes - My App crashes when viewing details?

The App holds downloaded information in a database on your device. If the App closes unexpectedly while updating this database, this may become corrupt. If you are connected to a network "Reset" the App. See "Support" page.

  Crashes - My app crashes from time to time?

Once you select an App, it is constantly running on your device, although it may disappear into background as you use another. One of the reasons for an App crashing is that the App has used up too much processing memory. After it has crashed it will start again. Please report problem with details.