Release 2.19o
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Quick Start
Start Up

The App comes preloaded with a "Random Club" so that you can see it in operation.

Once you have had a look......

All you need to do is to choose the clubs that you play at or interested in viewing information.

  • Touch the [Clubs] Tab
  • Touch [Alphabetical] or [Country/Area] and find your club.
  • Touch the Screen on your Club Name
  • Touch the  [On/Off] to go Blue and On(The club is now selected. no save required)
  • Touch [Back]
  • .....Repeat for more clubs.....
  • Touch [Favourites]
  • Touch Random Club name
  • Touch [On/Off]  to go White and Off
  • Touch [Back]
  • You are ready to roll....

Now you can use the [Result] [News] [Diary] buttons to scroll through the appropiate entries and Tap to see the detail, including results as on the web site.

You can choose up to 10 clubs, but remember the more clubs, the greater the volume of information that will have to be downloaded over your network, so only add clubs that you are regularly interested in. You can always add and remove a club whenever you are particularly interested in information from that club.

Resetting the App

If you do not think the App is working as it should, then a [Reset] may help

If you go to the Bridgewebs window in your App and touch the (i), this will provide some help information and 2 buttons.

  • Refresh - If you know that some results have been updated on the web site and cannot wait 10 minutes for the tables to be updated, click Refresh.
  • Reset - If you are getting "crashes", it may be that the local memory has become corrupted, click Reset to clear out all the saved information and the App will start rebuilding itself.

Release 1.2 available from the App Store from 1st September 2011. There will be a modest charge to cover some of the cost of hardware needed to design the App and dissuade non bridge users from downloading and overloading the server.