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The Bridgewebs App - Description

The App is simple to set up and just requires you to choose your club or clubs that you are interested in, see below. Then, you have 3 separate windows.

  • Results - to view the Latest Results
  • News - to view the latest News
  • Diary - to view forthcoming events

In each window, for ease of use the summary information for each club that you have picked is merged in one list, with the latest or most relevant, regardless of club, at the top.

So, in practice, for the Results, if you play at more than one club, open the App, touch [Results] and your latest results are available from the entry at the top.

For the News, the list is in the order updated, so if a club adds a news bulletin, this is at the top.

For the Diary, this simply works forward from today.

Scroll through the appropriate list and "Tap" to see the detail.


The Bridgewebs App operates by downloading a small file of the latest date and time of the relevant information on the web site for your chosen club(s). This is performed about every 10 minutes while the App is in use. This is  saved on your device. When you touch for any detailed information, the App checks its memory to see if it is already there and up to date and if so uses that, otherwise downloads the detail from the web site and again holds that in memory on your device.

This enables the App to be most responsive and can continue to show you information even when not connected to the network. Ideal for taking down to the club where you might not have a network connection.

It can operate with WI-Fi or Mobile networks.