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Bridgeweb App for iPhone and Android

The Bridgewebs App for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch is now available.

First Released September 2011

Upgraded February 2013 to Release 1.3 to support various devices.

Please read these pages first and then visit iTunes Store

The Bridgewebs App for Androids is also now available.

Released October 2013

Please read these pages first and then visit GooglePlay Store


The bridgewebs App has been designed for bridgewebs users on the move...

  • Latest Information - particularly focuses on the latest information.
  • Up to 10 Clubs - It can be personalised so that you can enter which clubs you play at and then you can quickly see the information for all the clubs selected, no need to switch to pages for each club.
  • Auto Sizing - Once results are downloaded to the device's memory, you can move around as quickly as you can move your fingers, the pages are automatically scaled to fit the mobile screen.
  • Quick - the network connectivity has been optimised to save recently viewed information on your device and minimize the amount of data downloaded over the network.
  • Double Quick - There is no need to wait for each page to load as you might using a browser on a mobile.
  • Works Offline - It will even work fully offline, ideal to while away those hours sitting on the beach!!

Click the buttons below to view samples of the App.