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  Objects (Sample)
The objects of "The Club" shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Contract Bridge.
  General Rules (Sample)

Antonine Bridge Club:   Constitution (March 2011)



1)       The name of the club

          The name of the club shall be "The Antonine Bridge Club".


2)       The objects of the club

          The objects of the club shall be:

a) To provide facilities for the playing of "Duplicate" bridge

b) To enter a team or teams in competitive tournaments, and play friendly games with other clubs

c) To observe the courtesies and objectives as laid down in the Laws of Duplicate Bridge


3)       The Membership

          This will consist of:

a) Ordinary Members

b) Honorary Members


4)       Honorary Members

The Committee may, in exceptional circumstances, elect Honorary Members who shall have the privilege of enjoying all the playing facilities without payment of fees.


5)       Office Bearers

Office Bearers shall consist of a President, Secretary and Treasurer.


6)       Committee

          The Committee shall consist of the Office Bearers, the Vice-president,  the Tournament Director, and any Team Captains/Match Secretaries.   In addition the Committee reserves the power to co-opt any serving member such as the Social Convener, Match-point Secretary or any other to attend any meeting or meetings as deemed necessary.

          The Committee may appoint sub-committees to report to them on specific issues, or direct them to run specific aspects of the Club activities.


7)       Election of Office Bearers and Committee

Nominations for any office should be made to the Secretary in writing, and supported by two members not currently serving on Committee, at least three weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) The Secretary will post these on the notice-board, and include them in the notice calling the AGM.

Elections will be for a term of one year.  The President will not normally serve a period greater than two consecutive years, though at the discretion of the committee may be proposed for re-election and (if elected) serve for one further year (only).   The Treasurer and Secretary and may be re-elected, and normally will serve no more than 3 years.

Team Captains (Match Secretaries ) shall be elected by the relevant pool of team players, as announced by the Selection Sub-Committee in advance of the AGM.


8)       Powers of the Committee

          The Committee shall have all necessary powers for the full and efficient working of the Club, and shall exercise these diligently, fairly, and without prejudice and discrimination to any member of the Club. It shall have the power to co-opt any member to fill any vacancy during the course of the year.

          The Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the club.


9)       Duties of Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for calling meetings, and for keeping full records of proceedings at all meetings.   The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping details of members, for providing a results service, and for preparing the fixture list and the relevant accommodation bookings.   Any of these duties may be delegated to an assistant, subject to the approval of the committee.


10)     Duties of Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and account for all subscription movies and make payment of all necessary outgoings, preparing a Statement of Income and Expenditure to be submitted annually at the AGM.   Any of these duties may be delegated to an assistant, subject to the approval of the committee.


11)     Verification of Statement of Income and Expenditure

The above statement will be verified and signed by an independent examiner. This Examiner will be appointed annually at the AGM and will not be an Office Bearer or Member of Committee.


12)     Financial Year

The financial year will end on 30th April annually.


13)     Annual General Meeting (AGM)

          The AGM shall be held on a convenient date before June 15th, for the

purposes of approving and adopting the following­

a) Secretary's Report

b) Treasurer's Report

c) President's Remarks

d) Election of Office Bearers and Committee

e) Appoint an Examiner of Accounts who may be Independent or a member of the Club and who is not on the committee.

f) Fix Subscription and table money for the following year

g) Any other competent business

14)       Quorum

A Quorum at a Committee Meeting shall be four.

A Quorum at a meeting of members shall be one third of the membership.


15)       Chairperson

The President shall be Chairperson, failing whom any other member of Committee elected by the Members of the Committee. The Chairperson shall have a deliberative and, in the case of equality, a casting vote.

16)       Special General Meetings

Special General Meetings may be called by the Committee, or by the written request of six Club members, to consider special business. Three weeks' notice in writing must be given to all members of such meetings together with full details of the matter to be discussed. A majority of two thirds of those present will be necessary to approve any resolution.


17)       Complaints

Complaints may be made verbally to the President or Secretary, or in writing to the Secretary. In all cases they will be discussed in Committee, and a written answer, if appropriate, will be supplied to the member within one month of receipt of the complaint.


18)      Membership

Visitors interested in membership shall be invited to play and subject to mutual satisfaction, membership may be offered by the Club.


19)       Annual Subscription

Annual subscriptions shall become due not later than 30th September each year. Any member who fails to pay subscriptions within the prescribed date shall be liable to forfeit all privileges of the Club, subject to the confirmation of the Committee.


20)      Resignation of Members

Members wishing to withdraw their membership must intimate to the Secretary in writing, not later than the date of the AGM, otherwise the member will be held financially responsible to the Club for any arrears of payment or levies imposed. Members resigning from the Club, or who cease to be members for any reason, shall have no claim upon the funds or property of the Club, or for repayment of any entry money or annual subscription.


21)       Visitors

Visitors will be allowed on Club nights at the discretion of the Committee.   Visitors will pay table money as determined by the Committee.   (In cases where a visitor is substitution for a member who is sick or otherwise prevented from playing on a club night, the Committee may waive the payment of table money.)  


22)       Hospitality

Members selected to play in teams or Club Matches will be personally responsible for their own traveling expenses. The Club may meet part of the cost for home matches, the amount to be paid to be decided by the Committee in advance of the matches.


  1. Notices

Any written notice or information relating to the Club must be signed by the President, Secretary or Treasurer.


24)       Property
The Club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any articles brought into either the home premises ( currently at Kilmardinny House Bearsden ) or any other premises at which the Club is represented.