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Watch the Todd team play for the Canadian National Teams title versus Gartaganis

on Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3.  It will be broadcast on BridgeBase Online

(BBO) vugraph starting at 9:00 Winnipeg time each day.

News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Welcome to our Bridge Home

Hi, everyone

The Ambassador Club now has it's own website, with our game results and numerous other interesting features.


One of the tabs on the left has the title "Notable Winnipeg Accomplishments" which we'll update periodically

with reports by our local heroes who have participated and/or done well in major events.


Another will have one or more "Hands of the Week" that come from games at the Soul Sanctuary that are 

both entertaining and instructive.


You'll also be able to contact us with any hands that you'd like to get some input on.  I'll respond to them

personally or submit them to a panel of my fellow bridge players and do a post to this website.


I'm also in the process of uploading hands and analysis from matches that our team (Jenna Tichon-

Freddie Mykytyshyn-Ken Goodridge-Bill Treble-Sue Treble play in the Canadian Online Teams

Champiionships.  It's a great event to play in and you can do it from the comfort of your home 

rather than have to travel long distances to do the same thing.


In the "Bridge Links" section, you'll find other websites that you can readily access from our



As my familiarity with the website operation improves, you'll have an array of bridge-related

options to choose from.


Last updated : 7th May 2018 14:47 CDT

Watch the Todd team play the Canadian National Teams Final on BBO vugraph


Our mostly Winnipeg-based team (Doug Fisher-Ray Hornby-Neil-Kimelman-Brad Bart-Danny Miles-Steve Mackay)

will face off against the Gartaganis squad on Saturday and Sunday.  Start time each day is 9:00 Winnipeg time.



















Last updated : 1st Jun 2018 18:16 CDT