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Lessons & Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions for improvers are held on Wednesday afternoons at 2:15 pm.  Everyone welcome, no partner required.

Contact Joan Lewis 07952 010716 or any committee member for further information.

Hosting - Volunteers Please!


Hosting is currently suspended.

Members will be aware of how much work goes on both visibly and behind the scenes to ensure smooth operation of the club - in numerous areas such as directing, dealing, refreshments and finance - to name just a few.

An area where more help would be welcome is in members volunteering to host occasionally on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
The hosting system has been well used since its inception over a year ago and many members have benefited and formed new friendships and bridge partnerships through its use.

However there is a risk that we may not be able to continue if more members don't come forward and volunteer to take on the role of host. So - if you play regularly and don't make a contribution to the running of the club in any other way - then please consider hosting every few months - even if you have no intention of using it yourself.
Don't be afraid of doing so, we encourage hosts and hosted to agree simple systems to play on the night and to adopt a "no blame approach"!!

Please simply identify a date when you are free and put your name on the list on the noticeboard.
If you'd like to discuss the way this operates then please speak to any committee member.


There is a selection of books and specific training articles by Andrew Robson available for loan in the club.

There is a great free website where you can play called Bridge Base On Line

The best way to use Bridge Base On Line with a PC or Laptop is to install this program from here. PC Software

Apps are also available for Smart Phones and Pad thingies here. Andriod and Apple Apps  

There is a club laptop available for loan for 1 week at a time:

3 Programs are loaded ready for use:
Learn to play bridge - with easy and more difficult aspects.
Bernard Magee's interactive tutorials.
Acol Bidding and Advanced Acol Bidding.

Contact Joan Lewis 07952 010716 or Margaret Harris 980 3506.

Contact Us

Stephen Halstead
0161 980 4433

Instructions for Entering Online Tournaments
How to Enter the our tournaments

Once you have registered by filling in this form, each time you play you need to follow these steps:

  2. If you intend to play on a battery powered device, ensure that it is fully charged. You are advised not to play using a smartphone because of the small screen and mis-taps.
  3. Login to BBO at least 15 minutes beforehand to enter. It is possible to do this up to 2 hours beforehand providing your partner is also online, in which case you can both logout and return 5-10 minutes before the start. We recommend entering in good time in case of any connection or other problems. In case of such problems please contact the director (Adam 07860340054)
  4. Select Competitive then All Tournaments and type ALTRINCHAM (ALT shold be enough) on the Search line for Pending Tournaments. In the Title column, select the ALTRINCHAM tournament for the correct date and time.
  5. When prompted, enter your partner's username. An invitation will be issued (but withdrawn after 20 seconds if not accepted). If your partner has not yet logged in, just wait. They will follow the same procedure and invite you.
  6. Your entry should be confirmed; now just wait to play. Each round has a time limit; any unfinished boards will be adjudicated. Please be courteous, and ready to start each round promptly. You can find out who you are playing against by selecting an opponent's username. It is good practice to introduce yourselves and give a short summary of your system at the beginning of a round, or you can refer to your profile which should give this information as well as your real name.
  7. It is possible to send a message to the TD using BBO Chat directed to the TD username which is currently MCBA01
  8. Please ensure that your BBO profile includes your real name so that the Tournament Director and your opponents can see who you are. Click here for a video on how to add your real name to your BBO profile 

  9. You must self alert, i.e. you alert your own bids. This is a requirement of BBO online bridge. If you forget then an oppponent may 'ask' in which case a yellow box pops up. Please explain your bid and write a description which is appropriate and accurate. You also need to self alert your no trump range when you open 1NT or 2NT together with the strength of your natural two and three level bids. 

    Click here for a video on self alerting on BBO. 

    NOTE that self alerts are MANDATORY for all relevant bids up to and including 7NTXX

  10. Results will appear on your screen shortly after all the tables have finished playing the last board. They will also be shown on this website displaying all the correct player names. See the Results tab in the Menu. Adjustments may be made within 20 minutes of the end of the tournament and they will be included in the results shown on the ABC website.