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Mon 23rd May 2022
Mon 30th May 2022
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Laws and Ethics QAs
Question put to David Stevenson at Mr Bridge

Can Dummy choose the card for the declarer when it is obvious?


Dummy must not participate in the play.  Choosing a card because it looks obvious is participating in the play and is completely illegal.

Perhaps a play looks obvious to dummy and not declarer:  do we want dummy coaching declarer? Obviously not.

Question sent to David Stevenson at Mr Bridge


I think a lot of players do not call the director because they think it is unpleasant and not friendly and find it could embarrass the other player. Please can you comment on this?





As to calling the Director the worst arguments in clubs always start with failure to call the Director. I strongly suggest players should call the Director whenever there is or might be a problem as otherwise the club will become less friendly and less pleasant.