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Face-to-Face Bridge Temporarily Suspended
With the arrival of winter and the typical weather related travel concerns along with seasonal holiday plans, the club has decided it will temporarily suspend F2F games. 
We would like thank everyone for their support and we hope to see you in person at the table in the spring.
Until then, please join us for our regular Tuesday night games on BBO. Game time 7:15

Last updated : 28th Dec 2022 08:52 CST
Club information

Our History

The Alta Vista Duplicate Bridge Club was founded by Robert McGillivray in 1966. Robert's military career dictated a move away from Ottawa and in 1967 Allan Chapman took over. Al remained the director, with Ken Brown as club manager, until 1997. During Al's tenure, the Club developed a reputation for friendliness and encouragement to new bridge players. In 1997, with Al Chapman moving to Perth, Garry Cooligan, a member of the Club since 1966, became its new director.

The club holds a regular Tuesday night game for players of all skill levels Face to Face at Pineview Golf Course with Mark Lacroix directing and online on BBO with Al McLellan directing, Teresa Fortin managing finances, and Del Holmes as club manager.


Zero Tolerance Policy

With its Zero Tolerance Policy, the Alta Vista Duplicate Bridge Club continues to provide a friendly venue for a pleasant evening of brige for all who participate. Please see here for full details,


Who and Where

Our games are every Tuesday night at 7pm (F2F)  and 7:15 (Online). We host the weekly game in 2 formats, Face to Face at Pineview Golf Course located here at 1471 Blair Rd. just south of the 417 and Online at BBO. Al, Mark, Del or Teresa can provide assitance if you are looking to join our game.. Please contact one of us ... see further down this page for their contact information. We are unable to guarantee a game if you show up on your own ... Del & Teresa.

Our People

Al  McLellan, Director
613-324-0483, Email:

Mark Lacroix, Director
613-316-5865, Email:

Del Holmes, Director & Club Manager
613-222-4166, Email:

Teresa Fortin, Treasurer and Results
613-526-5573, Email:

Last updated : 20th Sep 2022 09:50 CDT
7th February 2023
Open Stratified Pairs
BBO Virtual Game (Bridge21) 7:15pm
14th February 2023
Open Stratified Pairs
BBO Virtual Game (Bridge21) 7:15pm
21st February 2023
Open Stratified Pairs
BBO Virtual Game (Bridge21) 7:15pm
Open Stratified Pairs
Open Stratified Pairs
Open Stratified Pairs