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U3A Tuition
Formal Tuition



The Alsager U3A organisation, offers tuition for anyone who wishes to learn or improve their game. The tuition takes place in the "13" Club function room. Directions for finding the "13" club are available on the Information page.

In order to benefit from the tuition classes, students must become members of the Alsager U3A. Enrolments take place every Monday morning in the Alsager Civic Centre in the centre of Alsager. It is not necessary to be a member of the Alsager Bridge Club to participate in the classes. The price for each class is £2 (including refreshments).

The following table details the U3A classes, levels, dates and the names of the their  tutors:



Tutors and Assistants

Day & Time


J. Chinn / A. Edbury

 Tuesday @


M. Salt 

Tuesday @ 10.00*

* Note that there are no classes on the second Tuesday of each month.


In addition to the bridge classes, there are a number of useful internet links that provide self-help tuition -see the Self Tuition page 

If you have any queries regarding tuition, please contact Mick Salt on 01782 776547 or via email at