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Alrewas (RBL) Bridge Club
Back in Business!

Great News! Alrewas Bridge Club is to hold "in person" sessions commencing on Tuesday 14th September. We have relaxed meetings on Tuesdays with occasional short teaching sessions. All players draw for partners and should be ready to play at 2.00.

Friday sessions are with regular partners or draw for partners on the day. Play will also commence at 2.00.

Monday games will continue to take place online for more advanced players with regular or prearranged partners.


2019 AGM

At the 2019 Bridge Club AGM held on 23rd October, Heather Jones was elected as the new Chairperson. Trevor Bennett continues as Treasurer, and Duncan Rippon was appointed Secretary.

David Hall was thanked for his dedication and Chairmanship over the last 6 years.

Other committee members are Sheena Blackmore, Joyce Gent, David Hall, Susie Lane and Mac McNulty.


In Memory of Charles Elliott
In Memory of Charles Elliott

A framed picture of Charles Elliott, founder and former Life President of Alrewas Bridge Club, was presented to The Alrewas Royal British Legion. Pictured are Duncan Rippon (left) making the presentation, Mac McNulty (centre) receiving the picture, and David Hall, Chairman of Alrewas Bridge Club. The picture now watches over procedings in the Bridge meeting room.


Alrewas Bridge Club started in March 2009.  Around 16 folk attended our first meeting.  We met at the George & Dragon pub and also at the Methodist Church Hall.   In March 2013 a few of our more advanced members joined the British Legion Club and met on Monday afternoons.  Later,  the other members also joined the British Legion Club and we have continued to prosper with a Bridge Club membership of around 56 and still growing.    At our 2014 AGM we changed our name to Alrewas (RBL) Bridge club.  New members are most welcome.

We now regularly meet 4 afternoons each week from 2 pm (Tuesdays from 1.30 pm).   Mondays are still reserved for advanced players playing with regular partners.  Tuesdays, are for beginners and Wednesdays and Fridays are for advanced and intermediate players.

The British Legion Club is ideal with excellent facilities such as free parking, disabled access, bar and catering.    The room that we use is warm and comfortable with adequate space for up to 6 tables - if required we can use extra tables in the adjoining lounge area.  Not only can we enjoy playing Bridge but we have access to the many other RBL facilites such as Snooker, Crown Green Bowling, Coach Trip Outings, and Entertainment to suit a variety of tastes.   Bridge Club members are encouraged to support the RBL club as much as possible.


We have social events each year and are indeed very fortunate in having so much talent with several musicians, vocalists and stand-up comedians ready and willing to entertain us.  Members of the bridge club are encouraged to support the RBL Club social events and are welcome to invite guests.


Tuesday afternoons are reserved for training beginners.  We have proud record of having assisted over a hundred complete beginners to an acceptable standard of play. 


For further information please contact Heather on 01543  254398 or email us at

Training News


2.00pm to 4.30pm

All are welcome



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